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now that sky-drive is 25gb free, that will be a no!
No. Still sticking with Dropbox until there is support for Auth. proxys.
There may come a day where that happens, but not yet. Drive is a bit slow syncing and the options and features are not quite up to the competition. I am sure Drive will eventually be out of its "beta" stage, and at that point I may switch.
Yes, already moved all the stuff from Dropbox to Google Drive
+Adam Hartman Myth, not fact. Suggest you read the terms again- the atrocious policy you speak of simply allows them to share your uploads with you across devices. You, and only you, own your stuff.
nope.. still using dropbox..
But using Drive for docs. :D
I was never heavily into Dropbox in the first place, so I moved from Docs to Drive. :)
+Lee Black That was a limited time offer. It's no longer available. 7G, sure, but Google can match that, and anyways the collaboration tools, ecosystem, and API make up for that minor difference as is for many users, plus the cross-platform functionality.
Trying it. I noticed something to question last night though. I backed up an Android app to .apk on my phone so I could install it on my Google TV. I uploaded it to Drive from the phone, then went to the Drive web interface on GTV. I downloaded the app and tried to open it. At this point the installer should have taken over, but it did not. I emailed the same .apk to myself, went to Gmail on the GTV through the web interface, downloaded and it installed as expected.
As long as there's no Linux client, I'll stay with Dropbox and Wuala.
Nope. Need a Linux client and proxy author first
What Eli said. Plus, at $2.50 a month for 250GB, it's a hard deal to pass up.

I've got the google-docs-fs package on my Fedora box, so I can interact with Drive in Linux, but the support isn't 100%. For instance, for some reason, if I drag a JPG file from my computer to Drive on the desktop, it doesn't show up in the Web or on my phone or Kindle Fire.
The Linux client is reported to be well under development.
+Robert Le Blah Gonna try that. Interesting they would try to block something like that, if indeed it was on purpose. I do that all the time to get apps on GTV with the email, would be much easier with Drive.
I still use Drive for Docs like when it was Google Docs & Box for apks & pictures & as a backup for important Docs.
+Robert Le Blah That doesn't surprise me. I know of someone who borked their phone trying to install a ROM from Drive to their phone. I'm not sure what the deal is, but I don't think APKs and ROMs work well from Drive, for some reason.
Google drive may be cheaper and more integrated into google products, but I have nearly three times the space for free on dropbox. I'm using Gdrive as supplementary storage, pretty much google documents+. I don't see why they can't turn your picasa/ G+ pics, gmail, and gdrive into one big pool. Then eveyone would have 10-15GB right off the bat. I don't need all my gmail space for e-mail, for me it would be better used in drive. Likewise, someone else might need a lot on inbox space, but not a lot of use for drive. (not sure how that would work, but it could happen). If the storage is there, it's be nice to be able to decide how to allocate it.
No, I don't trust Google, I am very concern about my privacy and Google has a track record of selling our private data to others or use what I store in that place for controlling the type of ads they show me when I search the web. So for me, it doesn't matter how cheap it is, my privacy is much more worth than a few $s.
+Farhad Abdolian Incorrect. Google does not sell your data to anyone else, that's flat out demonstrably-false nonsense. They sell advertising opportunities, yes, but not the data they hold that determines how and when ads are displayed, that stuff is all kept in-house.
btw: Anybody noticed that GDrive also recognizes objects and texts in images - just as Evernote?
+Farhad Abdolian Google don't sell your details to anyone else. Read the privacy policy and stop believing everything you read on the Google hating Microsoft sponsored Internet. They share your data between other +Google services, that is all, and use your information to serve you targeted adverts as opposed to untargeted ones.
+Markus Birth That's one of the advertised features. :) Google Drive has Google Goggles technology, so it's got recognition baked in. I haven't uploaded a lot of pictures there, but it would be interesting to test out. :)
I would use Google Drive, but I get 4x more space for free from Dropbox.
I think that if space is all you're looking for, there are probably better options. The compelling feature in Drive is the searchability and the integration with Google apps. I would certainly like to see more integration with Google+, though. I'm annoyed that you can't share directly with a circle from within Drive.
I did for about an hour then went back to drop box. I found Drive to still be too cumbersome of an app to navigate as opposed to Drop box. The all requires a lot of "downloading" and makes it feel slow and unresponsive. Drop box doesn't do any of that plus Drop Box's UI is much more straight the the point. The available space doesn't bother me...I never even used up my 2gb on drop box before
+Brian Hartman They're probably concerned about copyright issues with being able to share to a social network. I'm sure it will come.
+Eli Fennell You're probably right. It's just that they aren't really doing anything to stop you from sharing to a social network. They're just making it harder. I can post a link to Google+ that will let anyone in that circle access the link (or allow anyone in the circle to request access, if I have it set to private) so I can still violate copyright if I wanted to. They're just making it a little more annoying.
+Brian Hartman LOL True. But then, many of the copyright holding groups aren't that tech savvy, which is why so many keep failing to see how stupid it is to, for example, try to keep their stuff off YouTube, thus meaning that only other users will post that stuff to YouTube and the original content creators won't be able to use it to their own advantage by monetizing it, using it to promote other products, etc...
Waiting for Linux client. Also, worried about not having encrypted feature for g-docs in your computer.
Got a lot of stuff on Dropbox, So certainly not easy to switch. Plus Dropbox Offers 16GB for Free and here on GDrive its just 5GB's
Dropbox is okay, but on the desktop it limits you to the Dropbox folder and subfolders you create or have shared. For a sync solution it makes you conform to Dropbox, or you have to manually copy files you want to sync. LiveMesh for SkyDrive on the other hand lets you pick any folder on the computer (and it has unlimited sync between PCs if you don't sync to SkyDrive itself). I like the remote connection options in LiveMesh too, and ability to view the state of each device. Dropbox is less about devices and services, and is just a big storage box.

Downside is SkyDrive is mostly Windows, no official Android app, though OneNote on Android syncs your notebook with it and think there are third party solutions. If Google Drive works more like SkyDrive/LiveMesh but more platform independent then that will do for me, especially if it's integrating services and devices and not just being a cloud storage box.

Dropbox on Android - Not convinced about the security. I want an encrypted box for sensitive documents basically. That said, ICS has device encryption.
I have Drive, Sugarsync and Dropbox, don't use any of them because local backup is still easier to access and costs nothing after the storage purchase.
There are many ways to distribute files to people, but yeah ill take the 5GB but probably won't use it much.
I only get 3.25gb from Dropbox and 5gb from Google Drive, so for space Google Drive is better for me.

+Malik Griffin I'm a little confused about why you say Google Drive's UI is more complicated than Dropbox, or why you think either one his ANY different than the other as far as up/download. They're both just a folder on your harddrive that downloads and uploads as needed. The exact same amount of uploading and downloading for both.

I'd like to understand your perspective, here's mine:

The UI in Dropbox looks rather more complicated to me.
I use sky drive (25GB) and Google drive (5GB)
If I'm going to store confidential files in the first place, it's either going to be on my laptop or external/USB drive, NOT in the cloud, and I don't care how secure you tell me it is. Now I've been a long time Google user, but I just don't trust anyone but myself for confidential files. I so use Drive for church music (bass player), .apk files, things like that. I may switch completely to Drive once a Linux client is released.
The survey doesn't ask what is probably most people's choice - they use that as part of a toolkit of solutions.
+Tim Moore I'm a Live Mesh person as well :) 25gb cloud storage, plus unlimited sync between computers without the cloud backup. Neither Drive nor Dropbox even offers the non-cloud syncing. Not to mention Outlook Contacts/Calendar syncing and IE bookmark syncing (I use Chrome more than IE, but it's still nice when I do need to use IE that all my stuff is there)

Downside is SkyDrive's team sharing is less robust, so I still use a second service (Dropbox atm, but likely switching to Google Drive soon) for that.
+Lee Brewer You're right. I certainly don't think Drive (or Dropbox, or SkyDrive) is a sane solution for confidential files.
+Daniel Bentley honestly since I had drop box first seems to somewhat have replicated drop box but with slight differences. Those slight differences are as far as sorting, the different views, and caching. Between using the two, for now, I prefer dropbox since storage isn't a concern. I may just put drive back on my phone and use them side by side and see which one I gravitate towards more
+Brian Hartman I am testing Wuala. It should encrypt and decrypt locally. I still have to figure out how they do it when you want to share stuff.
I will be moving everything from Dropbox to Gdrive soon, the biggest thing for me has been the upload limit I have many many files that can average over 1Gb in size. Nothing at all against Dropbox I love it, but limiting their upload size limits its functionality in a huge way.
I am using SkyDrive...
25 GB for free...
any higher???
If you encrypt a document in Drive, will you still be able to work with it in the app portion? If I have a piece of writing in there and encrypt it, for example, can I decrypt it within Drive and use the document? One of the things I like about Drive is that it combines storage with the application suite.
Ah, no you'd be working with it locally rather than on the cloud, the cloud would just be a backup of the encrypted archive
No, dropbox & evernote handle everything I need and is accessible from where I need it.
Oh, okay. That's kind of the opposite of how I'd want it to work, I think. Anything I put in Drive, I want to be able to work on it in place, and have a secure place to put the backup (e.g., a thumb drive). So for my purposes, it would be a secure way to use Drive, but not particularly useful.
I'm still using drop box as well but slowly converting
No and I am pissed that all my stuff from my docs is gone
+Bruce Lill you make a really good point though. Each of the 3 services offer slightly different capabilities and functionality even though all three are competing in the same space.

Each person can just look at how they use it and pick the solution that works best for their specific needs.

That's why I have to use 2 services, no single one covers all my use cases.
+Lee Brewer Unless your home computer is never connected to the internet, I think it may be a false sense of security thinking your stuff is safe. Virus's and Trojans can get on your home computer and open doors to the bad guys. Even if you never connect to the net, you're still at risk. Ask Iran about Stuxnet...
No Linux client yet so waiting for that still..
+Robert Le Blah viruses and trojans don't just find their way on to your computer. Lack of quality antivirus and poor browsing/email/download habits are where they come from. Don't make wild assumptions :)

+christian behr if your Docs vanished when you converted to Drive, contact Google Drive's support. I'm sure they have backups and will want to take a look so they can resolve it and make sure it doesn't happen to others.
Yes! Picture and video support is outstanding! Just need a linux client...
Nope. Still waiting for some features to make Drive better than Dropbox: I want to be able to schedule updates and I want to be able to define rules (like don't sync unless I'm on WiFi).
+Robert Le Blah I don't get the reference, but regardless, viruses and trojans don't self-replicate, only worms do, that's what defines a worm. It's impossible to get a virus or trojan without a human opening the contaminated file. It can be an executable, or a webpage using an exploit, or opening an infected attachment in an email, but it still takes someone on the receiving end doing something they shouldn't
I still have 50 gigs on Box and several on Dropbox. Both have great integration options that GDrive lacks. GDrive will likely just be a place to store rar and zip file archives along with the docs I already have.

I am confused why I need the Google Music application and the Gdrive application on my windows PC to sync. Hope they can merge the two together into one. Maybe someone can make a portable version of the desktop app to share, or a chrome plugin that can be easily turned off for improved bandwidth.
Need Linux support, and folder sharing before I switch.
+Aaron Lintz I believe Google is working on pulling all their services together right now. There's been various blurbs about services combining and they announced at the end of 2011 that they wanted better integration across their various platforms.
I moved my Dropbox folder into my gdrive, effectively making all of my Dropbox content available in gdrive as well. This is handy since I auto upload my phone pics using Dropbox.

Of course, if Google+ uploaded pics where available in gdrive,I probably wouldn't need Dropbox anymore.
G+ on Android can be set to auto-upload every photo you take. Or you can turn that off and share them individually to G+ on Android.
Some things seem obvious cloud activities - Email for example. Stuff you want to work on with others will obviously do better where everyone can access it.

The first trouble is that we have 20+ years of development for common desktop applications and there is some catching up to do. If I create a document on my PC, I can send it anywhere and anyone can use whatever application they like on it. Google apps are not necessarily what everyone wants to use and may not have all the features they want.

Another thing is that I am very wary of what I might put on the Cloud. I have no worries about Googles agreement. I am not even particularly worried about what the police and spooks might find.
The thing that makes me wary is that some bunch of shysters decide that someone else has stolen "their stuff" set the RIAA, FBI and any other criminals you care to name and the service is taken off line.
I thought this way long before Mega Upload was stiffed but that example really proved it is a real problem.

I work in an area where we have to be very enthusiastic about confidentiality (a UK hospital). We will not be using Google or any other US based cloud at this time. I'm afraid that your laws on confidentiality do not seem to be up to scratch. (I will be surprised if they even consider one based elsewhere in Europe,) I doubt that this is the only country that feels this way

I use a lot of Google services and would like to use more when they are removed from the highly restricted beta that restricts things like Google Music to just 4% of potential users. As I am part of the 24 out of 25 people outside of the USA I am not impressed by that restriction.
+Daniel Bentley I'm confident that GDrive and Music will eventually be one. I stopped checking to see if they officially list products as beta, but I think music is out of beta and now part of "PLAY"
+Aaron Lintz Whatever they call it, it is highly restricted. That sounds like beta to me.
+Daniel Bentley Ok, I should have specified worms, too. So, your friends email account gets hacked unbeknownst to you. You receive and email from them with a family picture attached, or something (not looking to get into the technical details of file types). You open it. It happens all the time. Or you click on a pop up that installs Antivirus 2009. Or you stick an infected USB drive in. There's a Gogol of avenues to catch bad stuff.

The Iran reference is regarding the Stuxnet Virus. It was designed to cause physical damage to Iran's nuclear program. The facility targeted was completely off the grid to protect it from attacks. A scientist broke the rules and stuck a USB drive in that had been infected at home. Computer controlled centerfuges were damaged.

My only point is, if a government's nuclear program can be compromised, I think it's a bit egotistical to think no one can crack into your home hard drive. Certainly, good practices go a long way. But to think you're impervious to attack is foolish.
I wouldn't say I have 'switched' exactly; rather, by virtue of the fact the +Google Docs +Android app is now called +Google Drive, I now have a cloud storage solution.

Like others, I won't be able to say I use it as my primary solution until a Linux client is released. #driveforlinux
Haa, still not available it says! Also, I'll keep using +Dropbox anyway...
Previous documents were synced to docs using google cloud connect and dropbox simultaneously. Provably will continue!
I would like for g drive to maybe take over picasa. I need a online storage place for photos but I don't really care for the way picasa is setup.
Why would it need iOS support? People don't REALLY use iPhones anymore...
Nope. I paid $70 for unlimited storage with asus webstorage till 2014. Yay
Box gives me 50gb for free. Why should I switch?
I was grandfathered on one of the old Google storage plans, so I moved all of my stuff from Dropbox to Google Drive. 2GB vs. 200GB is not a difficult decision to make.
Im still using both. Someday I'll roll everything over, but not now.
Indeed, 400GB of storage for 20$ish a month is a no brainer if you ask me.
Good to have access to your photos everywhere and will use it as a backup also easy to upgrade when needed, wouldn´t mind though if there would have been a burst option to upload 400GB of RAW files >.<
Looking at the progress it will probably take 1-2 weeks and it aint my 100/100 fiber holding it back.

Do run both dropbox and gdrive side by side since some stuff is easier atm to do from dropbox in daily business contact.
Not a chance without Linux support.
I like it. But how can i acces my files outside of google drive on my phone? I.e. copy from drive to say.. /sdcard/ or something.. anyone figured it out?
I can't I need #driveforlinux to go this step
First off I would need #driveforlinux to seriously consider this. And even then my OwnCloud server works great for me. Would be hard to find a replacement for my own storage server!
I upgraded to the 100GB plan and use Google Docs heavily. I've used it since day one and it has never crashed on me. I do have one word of warning. BE SURE TO TURN OFF AUTO SYNC ON GOOGLE DRIVE IF YOU HAVE AN AIRCARD WITH A DATACAP. You don't want that silent sync to eat up your monthly allowance. I've been uploading thousands of pics as my 3rd back up. I also tested HELLOFAX which appears to be a great tool I'll be using in the future.
I get 50gb free on Box, so the I would say no :)
ja ja, I'm not surprised it feels incomplete, its google, they never do things in one piece, they like to innovate and take time, it will all improve over time, they heavily encourage you to send feedback, that should say it all.
Just wait...
I've always been using Google Docs for storage.. So there was no switching..
I would love to switch from Dropbox, as +Google Drive prices are better. However there are some issues that need to be addressed first:

1) Speed. Drobbox syncs WAY faster.

2) File structure integrity: if I sync my GDrive between two different machines of the same architecture, I expect the two mirrors to be IDENTICAL mirrors, to the point that "tar cf" on each would "cmp" as identical. There are two issues I have encountered so far:
a) Symlinks are ignored (not even the link is copied)
b) File modes are not respected (chmod 755 on one side and it stays 644 on the other...)

3) Inability to disconnect and re-sync with an existing copy. Dropbox does that, and flags "conflicted" copies as necessary.

Until these can get fixed, I am using GDrive for lots of random documents, but I can't use it for source trees, or other complicated structures were I use internal symlinks, and I can't use it directories of programs or even shell/perl/python scripts (because the +x bit doesn't sync).


Some things Google could add beyond this, to make GDrive irresistible:

4) The option on Android to syncing all or selected folders to the device's local storage (ie /sdcard) like the desktop client does. Dropbox doesn't do this either, and owners of devices with a large capacity would appreciate all their files being magically synced

5) The ability to designate (on Android or Desktop) file structures OUTSIDE of ~/Google Drive which should be synced.

6) The ability to sync/view ALL my Google data (not just Docs) as special directories in the Drive. For example my Google Music could show up in Music/, G+ and Picasa pictures in Photos/, GMail (or at least attachments) in Mail/...
I am happy with my 50 GB FREE account.Don't need any additional space ATM :D
Until google can match 25GB free storage by dropbox for HTC One/ with 50GB, drive will be 3rd main cloud storage.
I agree with Sidik, 5GB just isn't enough storage for a "Primary" account. I still use SkyDrive as my primary as it seems to not reformat my documents like GDocs, the music streams better from it and I have switched to Windows Phone.

We still use GDoc's heavily though as about 90% of our staff is using Android (9% iPhone - and me on WP7) but even the staff is moving towards the MotoDrive (or whatever they called it) because almost all of them have Moto Razr's now...
I don't have a "Primary" cloud storage service. I have accounts on many of them. 5GB is only pocket change when it comes to storage, so I have to be very selective about what I put there. 5GB is so small, I really only use it as a poor man's temporary network share... to get files from point A to point B that would be too cumbersome otherwise, and to store a few important files. I like the Android widget for GDrive though.
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