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Mine says "Google Authenticator (old)" but don't see a download for the new one.
At least they still care about the app!
+Elatia Grimshaw No, it is an additional security feature. You can authenticate through other means (SMS, landline), too!
Yeah that's pretty stupid; they just need to update the old application again once they find the old key.
+Android Police if I'm not mistaking, your "lost key" theory can't be correct: apps cannot acces another apps data, unless there both sighed with the same key. So in order for migration to work, both apps would need to have been signed with the same key - meaning that it wasn't lost.
Thank you, not sure when I would have discovered this...
Yeah at least they didn't sign it with a new key and push it out as an update rendering the old one useless like they did with google play for the revue.
Well at least you can migrate rather than having to go through the whole set up process.
Thank you for the information!
Woah, I had no idea they did this. Thanks for the tip! Glad I found this out now instead of the next time I needed to use it!
+Moshe Brevda According to +Justin Case (with whom I just double checked again), it was indeed signed with a new key. We were both not sure how they transferred the data, perhaps there was some inter-process communication using Intents and authentication that let this happen, but the old app must have already supported this. It's a weird situation, but I see no other explanation for a new app. Plus, remember - different keys.

keytool -printcert -file OLD/ANDROID.RSA Owner: CN=Unknown, OU="Google, Inc", O="Google, Inc", L=Mountain View, ST=CA, C=USIssuer: CN=Unknown, OU="Google, Inc", O="Google, Inc", L=Mountain View, ST=CA, C=USSerial number: 4934987eValid from: Mon Dec 01 18:07:58 PST 2008 until: Fri Apr 18 19:07:58 PDT 2036Certificate fingerprints: MD5: D0:46:FC:5D:1F:C3:CD:0E:57:C5:44:40:97:CD:54:49 SHA1: 24:BB:24:C0:5E:47:E0:AE:FA:68:A5:8A:76:61:79:D9:B6:13:A6:00 Signature algorithm name: MD5withRSA Version: 1

keytool -printcert -file NEW/CERT.RSA Owner: CN=Android, OU=Android, O=Google Inc., L=Mountain View, ST=California, C=USIssuer: CN=Android, OU=Android, O=Google Inc., L=Mountain View, ST=California, C=USSerial number: c2e08746644a308dValid from: Thu Aug 21 16:13:34 PDT 2008 until: Mon Jan 07 15:13:34 PST 2036Certificate fingerprints: MD5: CD:E9:F6:20:8D:67:2B:54:B1:DA:CC:0B:70:29:F5:EB SHA1: 38:91:8A:45:3D:07:19:93:54:F8:B1:9A:F0:5E:C6:56:2C:ED:57:88 Signature algorithm name: MD5withRSA Version: 3
+Moshe Brevda old version has a service to data export, having the same UID is not the only way to share data, many ways exist (some BAD some good)
+Android Police +Justin Case thanks, I stand corrected :) Also, thanks for pointing this out. Like everyone else here, I would not be know about the changes where it not for you.
Thanks. How would we know if not for you folks. Thanks again.
Thanks for letting us know, not sure how we would have known otherwise.
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