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Hot on the heels of blurry-cam shots of the upcoming LS970, another rumored upcoming Sprint LG device, today we've heard that the carrier has yet another ... by David Ruddock in 4G, LG, Rumors, Sprint...
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People still definitely use qwerty keyboards. I'm still on my Samsung Epic because it's still Sprint's best phone with a keyboard.
My G2 is still going strong-ish, if it weren't for the slim selection on qwerty phones then i'd have a new one already
Wake me when LG launches an international version.
If my HTC status had a bit more RAM and storage, it would definitely be my best Android phone ever. A must have for social networking. I can't wait to see this LG phone. QWERTY rules.
+Simon Forgues Sim if my car had a better engine and more horse power it would be the fastest car around but it doesn't
I compare my actual smartphone with my four previous phones. He compares his actual car with thousands of other in the world. WTF???
Lol I'm just kidding dude relax +Simon Forgues Sim I'm very verse in Android no I don't agree with you about that I'm just saying anyone could say I wish my phone has more RAM, memory, better chip set and upgraded version it would be the best
More Qwerty Choices is a Good thing IMHO!
I love my mini-pro with its keyboard.... I'd love another phone with one, but they do tend to be slightly underpowered compared to others :/
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