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Holy Crap - Still too expensive for my taste
Google Play sells phones????
The price of everything goes down. Just don't think anyone expected $399 this soon and on the play store.

Would be funny if they advertise this through the Play app to folks with older devices.... on the play store homescreen.
This is off contract though...and I'm a t-mobile guy who also doesn't have a contract. This is decently cheap for a non-contract unlocked phone of this caliber..
Now if they would just push the 4.0.4 OTA update to all GSM phones.
+David Ruddock Yeah, but read the article. +Android Police said that it's only $99 more than VZW is selling it subsidized. That's no longer true since they lowered the price. Still a great deal.
I think they want to reduce the stock before they announce Jelly Beans.
Too bad I am not in the market for a new phone.
Also...not available in other countries.....le sigh....
Dam! Making me reevaluate my purchase tomorrow of the HTC One S. My only gripe is that its a Samsung phone.
I was static until i read this part "Small Print

Devices on Google Play is only available to customers in the US. Galaxy Nexus phones from devices on Google Play will work on AT&T and T-Mobile, but not Verizon or Sprint. Have a look at our Terms of Service for more information about your purchase."
Com'on Google....
Verizon and Sprint have proprietary drivers for use on their network. Google isn't allowed to sell those devices. GSM only for El Goog....
Can I use this with T-Mobile prepaid plans?
+Irene Lopour the CDMA Galaxy Nexus is not cross-compatible with VZW/Sprint, they each have specific versions of the device. There would be little point in selling them unlocked, because you can already buy them off-contract at VZW or Sprint.
+David Payne It depends on the plan - I would assume T-Mobile's contract states that you have to be using a T-Mobile prepaid phone, but I'm not sure.
If this was lte I might care at that price. I just will not go back to att and not interested in tmo. I like having service everywhere so I can actually use the phone.
Min Ko
I want to buy one and I live in UK... sux
$399 usd ~= £250 + import tax still ~ £300
Thanks for the added info David, really appreciate it :P
Thanks all. I have a prepaid plan with unlimited data for $30. Ching!!
What a terrific price! great price. I'm still sticking with the S2 running CM9 for the camera alone tho.
!%^#$$ I live in Vancouver and have a US mailbox - I want this!?! Curse you Google for restricting this part of the play store to US only IP addresses. Ugh, do I really want to find a proxy to deal with this .....
great too back i left t-moble and when to sprint
+Jonathan Berry The article didn't say $100 less than the Nexus, it said than many of VZW's subsidized phones. VZW releases devices at $299 pretty consistently, so that's still a relatively fair assessment.
+Artem Russakovskii Yeah, i guess i misread it to begin with. Fair enough. Most of those have come down, though. And with pressure from AT&T and Sprint releasing big phones (HTC One and G-Nex) at lower price points, maybe that won't be so much the norm in the future. Maybe.
Why does these things have to be US only??!!! :(
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