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They are typically a day behind and a dollar short. I read for the lulz.
I would wait and ask for it "After" its working / been tested / bugs worked out, etc ;) but go figure - linux users want rushed out software too ;)
Also, google's last 'product' for linux was actually Google Music Manager...which is native. So I'm not sure why picasa (a completely different animal) was used as a comparison...or right bloglars.
I imagine it will probably be native. If they're competing with Dropbox, they want the Linux users, who I believe tend to carry a bit more weight than their market share alone can communicate.
Wine doesn't make sense. Chrome for Linux doesn't use Wine, Music Manager doesn't. Picasa was a bloated Windows app with history. Android Police usually does decent reporting, but this article is pretty bad.
Google doesn't believe in writing one code for all platforms; they'll reinvent a client for Linux/Android
+Ralph Mettier I can't speak for your specific issue but whenever I see a pageload that looks similar to that it is because the page didn't load entirely for some reason. For me it's always because I lost connection towards the end of the load or I hit Stop before it finished.
I personally think that wine is not an option for them or I hope so ...
Why would it ever involve WINE? It's not Linux support if they have to resort to that.
If it involves WINE, I will take back every good thing I've ever said about Google that doesn't depend on "It's free".
+Android Police thanks for the reply. I'm guessing it's a blocking issue. Ctrl+F5 doesn't change anything and the URL you posted gets blocked by the firewall here (I'm currently at work). I'll try again from home this evening.
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