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I've thought that from the beginning. The only way is if Samsung uses the new Exynos because it wouldn't make sense for the SGS3 to come out without LTE.
I think it's pretty safe to say that, for at least most of the year, there won't be any quad core LTE phones, seeing as no quad core chip has baked in support for it yet.
It still amazes me how we're soooo 1st world, but we're still bass ackwards on things like quad cores and sexual morales.

Absolutely freaking pathetic if this comes to pass. Massive fail on Samsung's part if it does.
Samsung's 32nm Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 design is pretty much the worlds most cutting edge design for a mobile chipset. I don't know why you write is as "ARM9 platform is quite old at this point (for a mobile chipset)" that's simply not true. Also, I haven't seen any official Samsung confirmation that they haven't got their Exynos 4412 with integrated LTE just as they have it with integrated HSPA+. Where does Samsung say they aren't able to integrate the LTE modem on the chip?
So I have may have to weigh quard core processor vs LTE... Since I get really good 3.5g speeds where I'm at and use wifi most of the time anyway, that quad core unlocked gsm version sure sounds nice to me.
+David Ruddock ARM9 is not ARM Cortex-A9. And ARM Cortex-A15 is not going to be in devices before next year (at the earliest end of this year), so I don't know what you are trying to say. SGS3 uses Exynos 4412 not 4212 as you are writing. Thirdly, Qualcomm S4 is not ARM Cortex-A15, it's Qualcomm's proprietary design as they have an ARM Architecture that allows them to customize their design. Several ARM Cortex-A9 designs have integrated LTE modems, ST-Ericsson and Renesas have shown some, I don't see why Samsung would be incapable of integrating LTE on the dye of their new Exynos 4412 processor.
I'm happy to settle for integrated LTE and greater power efficiency w/ the S4. What I've been reading is that the S4 and Exynos are fairly comparable in performance.
Greater power efficiency in the S4? Even if it's 20% more efficient, (which it's not) you could make the quad-core processor way more power efficient. Remember, the amount of power used is based on all cores together, not per core. A typical dual-core processor uses TWICE the power on a single core as a single core on a quad-core processor.

"Could" being the operable word. What has to be worked with is what's ALREADY been made. I was referencing the greater power efficiency of the 4G radio being integrated vs external radio of my existing device. It SUCKS UP power whenever using 4G.
I am looking for a phone that has a smoother ui, fluid like apple. maybe having 3 or 4 cores would solve that, or better coding
may be needed. The Tech soap box love android but always say its not as fluid as apple, it they can fix the smoothness of android that can bet the nail in the coffin for apple.
Add that theoretical quad core power efficiency numbers includes the ideal scenario where apps actually scale well across 4 cores, which most of them simply do not.

Let's talk real world usage here and not benchmarkland. Until quad core becomes the norm and not the exception, single threaded performance is still very important. Many apps aren't even optimized for dual core processors. Or even ics yet
+greg davis it is more a framework improvement in ice cream sandwich than hardware . Any of the phones out now on ics will give you what you want. Particularly the s3 and htc one-x. Galaxy nexus is smooth but the gpu is a little taxed with the screen resolution in places

The big thing android had to wait for was for it to be common for gpus to be able to handle multiple window events. iOS really just doesn't have to do that much and it wasn't as big of a concern because you're talking about a 4x5 grid of icons and that is basically it. Android is a bit heavier than iOS in those areas. 
No exynos quad core! You could forget it not getting it!
+finally someone who gets it +Jonathan Franklin hardware means almost nothing at this point cause we're still haven't mastered multi threading yet and GPU acceleration on a larger scale has just been introduced.

ICS is more optimized for hardware than previous versions and not just an incremental update either. The GPU is the same as in the Nexus S just overlocked in the Galaxy Nexus
I can sell a turd to people as long as I say it's quad core.
+Ilven Sh Especially if you slap an Nvidia logo on it

Can't wait to see what "Intel Inside" on the rear cover of a phone does for perception
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