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Beansoft (developer of Thumb Keyboard) and Android Police are giving away a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 32GB Honeycomb tablet for doing close to nothing. See the link to enter.
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Great comps guys, nice to see so many countries included, all 3 methods done, good luck to all, but I hope I win :P
This one is going to be mine! Buahahahaha!
Another share, hook this boy up!
Please send me an Android Tablet
I ain't got no job but the Tab I gotta have it

With Android Honeycomb, My choice OS; Gmail, Plus, and Marketplace no-Less
Don't waste your time or your money with iOS.

I'd use it for games, I'd use it for school
To use any other tablet, I'd be a fool

(This is where Lil' Wayne comes in. Then back to me)

The Galaxy Tab, I just want to hug it
I'll write it an app, and then debug it

With my desktop Linux it plays well
For other tablets that doesn't ring a bell

So Android Police won't you pick me
I really want a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as you can see
How do you get the url for a specific tweet? I feel dumb! LoL
Christopher Cook, the same way you get a URL in G+ - click the time near the tweet!
shared i really want one :)
Shared! Pick me! Pick me!
So are mine - and no offence to any one else - good luck to me as well
Anyone know how you can link to your re-share? Thanks in advance. :P
Right Mouse click on you post - Copy the Link - next to the PIC - very similar to the way you do it for Twitter - at least I hope
My son Mack turns 2 August 5th and no it's not for him, I'll need it to help me forget about dropping the $500 on his party and teh giftz. #balleronabudget
Would be so useful for me as due to my macular degeneration (both wet and dry) having problems seeing too well on my Android phone, this tab would be a lifesaver! Entered the contest in all the ways that it said! Thank you for consideration.
Well I can say this for the rest of you, your odds of winning are slightly better with me being in the contest, I never win anything. Well that's mathematically not true about your odds being better.. but they aren't any worse ^_^
Sharedededed! Makes me wish I had a Twitter account so I could perform the 3rd step... Maybe if I win, I'mm start a "I won an SGT 10.1 from Beansoft (LOVE Thumb Keyboard!) and Android Police!"
Shared. Finally I have a good item to post on my GPlus account. HA! I'm doing twitter too!
My Finger would really love a Galaxy Tab 10.1..
Shared, all I can do now is cross my fingers...
I think we all need to win. Hell, I'll even write a nice long review for AP if I win it. It would be nice to get back into writing tech reviews again. I miss running NVMAX with Andrew. That was always fun!
Dean P
Ooohhhh Man So Excited!!! haha
can anyone tell me how to find the url of the reshare? i can only get to the url of my profile
right click on the date/time of the post and copy the url linked to it.
Don't you just click on the "Share" link below the image of the tablet?
Thanks jason. wow they should really fix that because it's not very obvious. i must not be very smart because i cant figure the same thing out for twitter
Its bigger on the inside. Allons-Y!
shared it, I hope I win. I'm too broke to afford a new tablet let alone any technology right now.
Selling my XOOM as soon as my 1 year contract w/ it is up...need something w/ 4G connectivity.

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shared. 2nd ever post on google plus. 3rd ever plus one. woo
Shared i would love to be winner & a grinner
God and baby jesus fighting dragons in a tutu
Ken J
shared, i would love to win this baby.
I did all the steps to win this thing but honestly I kind of like the posts by Android Police keeps me well informed...
I guess I really want it BAD since I entered followed shared I have caught myself TWICE checking how many people entered!
Spread the word to the masses and maybe win some hot gear? Deal. Though I have to say there is some pretty good info here...
Ooh! Ooh! Mr. Kotter! Mr. Kotter!
shared, Hope i win this one, i have a great idea for a rom i would develop if i got it.
One of my most sought after advice for all things Android. Thanks guys.. keep up the great work.
Hopefully I'll have better luck this time :)
Shared! Keeping everything crossed... and I mean everything
I wish u guys could open this kind of contest to Brazil....I mean, it's open to CHINA! Why the hell brazillians can't participate on this?
Gladly shared!. :) Awesome tablet.
shared and hoping to win!!

Overall rating
The wait has been too long saving for this! :P
I never win anything.. except a pair of plyers at a raffle when I was a kid. Sure would be nice to replace my iTouch!
Malaysia, Singapore, Australia but not Indonesia? is it because of customs regulations?
Dejay R
I would love to get one, I am going to the university this Autumn this would help me making my notes ehh well one can always dream
pick me!!! please need a tablet to replace my cracked ipad!!
Pick Me! =) I am learning java to write apps for Android !
Shared!! Hope I win this time :)
Shared... that would be freaking awesome :)
Shared but deleting all other entries..hmmmm
Shared it ! Maybe this time I will win something. :)
Shared, and hoping for the best!
Thanks for the chance! Samsung's new Tab is one gorgeous piece of hardware :)
Done...definitely gonna be me that wins.
Yeah okay I know...silly me thinking that.
I'd love to win. I can't justify the price for one of these, but want one to flaunt at all the iPad sheep.
DO WANT. I seriously want one so bad. I am sure we all do though.
Shared - please just send it to me now to save time ;o)
Shared- would be nice to win
I will totally ♥ my Galaxy Tab when I win it. ^_^ It will be my constant companion. Yes.
I must own one of these tablets one way or another
I will find you and I will lick your face
Awesome giveaway Android Police team :) Fingers crossed
Boy would this make my wife happy
can i haz tablet, must show my friend who has an ipad that android is better
Dave A
<---- Winner of a new FREE 32gb Duel-core Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1... :X
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