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+Phil Edge keep a lookout on the xda developer forums, it'll be out there as soon as the phone is released, if not sooner.
I predict that it will only come in a phone version and it'll take _at least _another 6 months (if ever), before they figure out how to make it look good on a tablet.
That seems to be the story with all iOS ports.
Love Reader HD for Android ICS Devices with it's two different layout sets and mobilizing feature to get full articles even from shortened rss feeds.
I love this app. One of the main reasons I have an iPad.
Haha, looks like another apple darling just got killed.
First they go nutz over Instagram being released to the droid horde, now their beloved Flipboard just got thrown to the same crowd...
Wonder how long it will take to convert iphone diehards now with so many kickass phones and virtually same apps cheaper then their apple/iOS counterparts?
Now if there would be a android tablet to match the ipad both in smoothness and price it would be a sweet thing :)
Apple will have to buy the next "apple darling" app or risk upsetting the diehards.
Yep and once the rom dump for the GSIII is released the apk will be extracted and made to work on every other phone LOL.
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