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Glad that my internet service goes that fast... Er, wait... Cool stuff either way.
The only real benefit will be the power to copy multi-gig files to your SD card nearly instantly at home over Wi-Fi... Oh wait, that SD card... nobody bothers including support for those anymore.
How many seconds of that speed before you hit your monthly quota?
+Jan Moren WiFi, dude. Unless your home cable/DSL/Satellite/whatever connection is also capped, you're in the clear here.
+Jake Weisz I doubt they will stop at putting those chips in phones only. Home streaming from NAS to connected TVs and tablets will benefit too.
I'm at 400 Mbps on my 802.11n network now so why go to ac? I know 400 Mbps is above the n spec but it is an n router and they are n nic cards. 33Mbps isn't much of an improvement from the n hardware already at market.
+Harry Taylor Thanks, that i didn't know. A 1 Gbps wireless connection would be worth the upgrade to the new spec.
+Nicholas Elliott Absolutely. Imagine how fast it'll be once all of the OEMs tweak it, like they did with G, N, etc. That is, assuming there's any overhead left to do that. :)
There is pitiful infrastructure to support something like this. Even 4g in Minneapolis is spotty at best. During the Red Bull Crashed Ice event here I couldn't even make a voice call...

We should concentrate on infrastructure for these things before we go developing blazing speeds nobody can use.
+Trevor Ludwig Perhaps you missed where this is wifi, not cellular data. In case you're just talking about home internet speeds, wifi can be used for a lot more than just the internet, such as streaming movies from a home server, copying files, etc.
I say we get fast, reliable internet to the entire US.
No, i get it, but when N came out, was there a mass upgrade everywhere to accommodate that? Not really. Now we're going to go to another protocol that increases speeds yet again, when most coffee shops and other public wifi outlets can't get their crap together enough to upgrade beyond a G router.
Sure, for my home, this would be great, when will I get a gaming system that can accomodate this? How about a computer? When will infrastructure of cable internet be able to accomodate an internet speed that will come anywhere near touching this kind of bandwidth?

I'm just being pessimistic...don't worry about me.
+Trevor Ludwig You do know components in computers can be upgraded, right? Even in a laptop? :) I agree with you completely on bandwidth, but this is precisely what I've been waiting for - streaming hi-def SUCKS over N wireless. I'll grab a new card for my desktop, a new router, and perhaps some half-height mini PCI-e cards for the laptops, and I'm good to go. Xbox can wait, PS3 and Wii can wait.... though we both know the next gen will still have N built-in. :-P
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