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Because "DROID Incredible 4G LTE" rolls off the tongue so much better than "One S LTE." Branding...smh
You mean like my tablet? The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0). Like that?
Right! Or the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. Purchasing a smart phone is like ordering a drink at Starbucks.
I would argue it is not based on the One S.
4" display, 1.2 GHz Snapdragon, 8mp camera...all it adds is LTE and micro SD slot. Oh, and + 50 mAh to the battery.
The One X on AT&T is Snapdragon, too. The thing that makes me think its more of a One X is the screen technology. SLCD2 is what really puts the One X above the One S. Tegra 3 is hardly better than an S4. SLCD2 is way better than pentile anything.
4in Display? two thumbs up! However I cannot buy this because HTC typically doesnt have the battery life that I desire.
It is based off the One S. +Martin Untch What would lead you to consider that? If not the One S, then which phone is it based off, the One V with almost all of the One S specs?
+T. Osinubi The Snapdragon S4 in the OneX is proving to be the most efficient on battery almost across the board (iPhone 4S is more aggressive in power-management, but still doesn't fare much better) with any current-gen Android phone. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised by the battery life on the DInc4LTE, as it's essentially a spin of the OneX/S.
+Neil Lund Look at my above comment. Tegra 3 won't work with LTE the way it needs to, thus the S4 in probably in all of the 2012 phones that are Quadcore elsewhere. A SLCD is the biggest upgrade from the S to the X.
Exynos (4412 and 4212) and Tegra3 still don't have integrated LTE radios, and may not until much later this year (if at all). TI seem to be the only ones producing well-performing SOCs with LTE built-in. This shouldn't be a terrible issue, since TI's A15-based 4-core chips are not that far afield (Q4 likely), and should all support LTE out of the box.

S4 is still a VERY capable chipset, particularly when factoring the power efficiency that the OneX has been demonstrating.
+Martin Untch Seems I was thrown a curve ball. Tegra 3? I must be missing posts in my Google+ thread, because I don't see anything mentioning Tegra 3 until you replied.
I just mean that the One S and the One X are only slightly different. Screen technology, resolution, and size and processor are different. Everything else is the same.

So, the Inc4G shares screen resolution with the S, tech with the X and size with neither. It shares the SoC with both the X and the S. Given that information, I see this as being closer to AT&T's One X. Either way, both the One S and X and all of their variants (EVO 4G LTE, Inc4G LTE and One X LTE) are amazing phones and really just about the best thing on the market today.
+Martin Untch I see your point now. I can't help but think that Verizon has another HTC model that will trump the Dinc4LTE in late June that will compare closer to the One X, leaving the Dinc4LTE as a One S comparable model.
+Neil Lund That could be. Or maybe they want a smaller device to compete with the iPhone 4S and are planning on the RAZR HD/SGSIII being their big 4.5 inch plus devices. Who knows with Verizon. They don't always seem to think these things through.
Forgot to note: If the DInc4LTE had a 720p screen, it would definitely be my next phone. I'm looking forward to a higher-up variant, or (if Motorola doesn't fill it with suck) the RAZR HD.
Probably sitting on a shelf in a warehouse somewhere lol
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