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Doug K
OH goody, goody!!!!
It would be nice to have a phone that works like it is supposed to on the reg.
boooooooo! typically for anything on Google+ its only available if you live in the bloody usa. getting used to being victimised this way now. BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
i know its against all rules to segregate people. so why nothing for England??
Thanks for not being stuffed up with fruit!
Am I the only one that thinks it looks like a 90's voice recorder?
I hate it when people ruin things by pointing out what it looks like, good point, though. They obviously weren't thinkink about the aesthetics of the rear-end.
Don't know how it works, but i never win. Good luck to You too :)
Oh man, I want a white 3D left
A bitty-bitty-bit complicated but SO much fun to enter! Hope I win! VERY cool!!!
i love my Evo but i would this would be so awesome. i have always wanted them to make a white Evo!
Shared! Love my EVO - need one for my husband!! =D
Nice, I hope I can win one for my daughter. Thanks Android Police and Radio Shack!
I'd love to any of these phones!
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