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Kevin F
Dropbox is definitely the best cloud storage service especially when dealing with android devices and linux but just wish the free service had more storage. and microsoft skydrive both have more storage for free service but then again, they are not that friendly with android. At least not to the level dropbox is.
Sounds like Dropbox is shoring up the edges in anticipation of Google Drive. Good. Let's have a solid fight.
Kevin F
I can not wait for google drive...
I'd like an infinite improbability drive myself
Google drive better have some awesome android/chrome features. I've gotten my free dropbox account up to 10 GB so it will take a little convincing to get me to switch my main file hosting to Google Drive.

But lets face it, I love everything that Google puts out so I'm sure I will love Drive.
I anticipate, at least for a while, using both for different things. I suspect the way Drive will integrate, over time, will make it the premiere spot for saving things directly from supported apps and sites. But for syncing data across machines that isn't related to this function, I think Dropbox will still lead.

But I bet Google's going to win on upgraded storage pricing.
It surely was, +James Finstrom
I've been using this feature for a while. You could also setup a shared folder between two people
+Paul Snedden You're still confused about what this feature is. This isn't to share a folder with another Dropbox user. This is to provide a link to share a folder or file to ANYONE. They merely click the link and download it. This is DEFINITELY new.
Google drive is coming so dropbox and most of those cloud services will be past
+George Soulos - Not a chance that'll happen too quickly. I'm entrenched in Dropbox as well as a few of my clients. I look forward to the expanded choices, but Google is playing catch up, not the other way around.
Dropbox is getting edgy coz of #googledrive
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