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Anyone in Israel care to test Google Maps Navigation and see if it's available? We got a pretty legit-looking report that it was but would like more confirmations.
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Yes, it is available and it works just perfect, so far. Need to be tested further
Rob A
since when is chile in israel?
Works pretty well, A good competition to Waze.
Yes, it works. Problem is that unlike Waze, map isn't up-to-date.
There have been a lot of updates in the past 4 months, in the area where I live.
Just used it on my way home... Works great
Also tried it on my way home from work and it worked well. What I didn't like is having to zoom out to get traffic alerts something waze do it always. I also like waze alerting me on speed cameras which Google is missing. 
Available, but not really useful: led me to too long routes, blocked streets and wrong addresses in all attempts this weekend
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