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Grains of salt, everyone - but this is pretty exciting, and we've been dying to share it. So we did.
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Boy, the rumors are going crazy!  Can't wait to see the official announcement of whatever Google will do with the Nexus program!  :)
Finally the nexus/android rumors are really coming again! :)
Multiphone / Manufacturer release for Nexus line, so I believe it.
I welcome the day when you have some choice in picking up a Nexus phone. Not that the current or previous phone haven't offered good features, it's just always better to have more than one choice.
Very exciting news (rumors) :-)
Nexus MAXX!?!?!?!?!??
What is the name?
Glad rumors are popping up, gives us something to dream and drool about and let our imaginations run wild...

Side Note: Google and Partners sure are keeping it a secret.
And the name will be?
Hmmm such a dilemma. Which nexus do I purchase this year?!! IOS fanboys don't have this problem.
+Jay-Ar Pinero It is a good problem to have.

I suspect if there indeed multiple nexus then they will differ it will matter on which one is more eye candy for person buy. 

Strict guidelines and the sort, theoretically they all should have the same internal hardware, so they can update all fairly easily.
I think there could be more differentiating factors than aesthetics. I doubt Googs would mandate a chip set for instance, not to mention 1 vs. 2 GB RAM (RDM protection 64MB excluded). That already leaves for many differentiating options, pricing, screen tech, etc. S'gonna be good tho!
It's not good to launch a new android version when we're still using ICS or the majority using Gingerbread.
Please lord a NEXUS MAXX HD :D *fingers crossed*
HTC Nexus 5 please .
Is. SONY lanuncching nexus device also? That will be super cool!
That had to take a lot of thinking to come up with those ideas but it sounds resonable to me
If the rumour holds about project Road Runner then i guess Google is telling us to stop complaining about removable batteries as there will be no need to change the battery since battery life will be so long.
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