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Future, Y U NO here yet?
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Chemistry nerds, eat your hearts out.
Alternatively, get back in your labs and make us some awesome batteries!
So when you're trapped in an airtight room, your phone that could potentially save you, also might kill you by using up the oxygen in the

Joking aside, this sounds awesome!
"Some preliminary research in this area had been done, but the initial materials would only conduct charges well at temperatures above 70°C" so my battery would work better when the phone gets hot? This is a feature not a bug.
But...teh future is here. In fact, "now" is a falsehood, because by the time you realize it's "now", "now" has already slipped into the "past" and the "future" is "now"...oops...missed it again....
I have the feeling that somehow, AT&T will require the phone manufacturers to reduce the size of the battery so that overall life of the device is unchanged...
+Trey Rush - AT&T doesn't have the power to require anything: If any of the carriers had that, it would be Verizon.

We can just wait for Google+Moto to build the device the way they want to, and the carriers (at least the GSM ones) will have no say in the matter because they will sell them direct from the Play Store: no carrier approval required.
+James Mason I know... it was just a comment on how AT&T always seems to screw around with the latest and greatest phones managing to hobble them before allowing them to be released on their service.

HTC One X (international)
     Unlockable bootloader
     32 GB storage

     Locked bootloader
     16 GB storage
     FM radio disabled
     Polaris Office disabled
     Voice Dialer disabled

Not to mention how long it took them to allow apps from Unknown Sources.
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