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Ed Clem
was just playing this. I'm liking the mobile version a lot more today.
Crud...was playing this weekend and thought it was a bit addictive, but chucked it when I noticed you couldn't craft. I know I'm gonna redownload it now. :/
Couldn't find how to make a furnace. Found red stone though.
U dont need redstone for the furnance just cobblestone
You can make a furnace in Pocket Edition?
I didn't think so, even though they were talking like it above. . I'm sure it will come sooner or later. Now they have crafting in place, and should be easier to add and test new items and recipes.
The next update will add furnaces and I believe someone mentioned on the MC forums they were expanding the world (Not making it infinite though).

Either way, this update is definitely a step in the right direction. another update or two and that purchase will have totally been worth the 8 bucks.
I thought it was worth it already, at least for those who like creative mode. Or, for those who got it at the $0.10 sale. ;) But now, it is finally consuming my time like I wanted it to. I was hoping they might enlarge the world. It doesn't need to be infinite for this platform, but it could definitely be larger as it's not really difficult to fill up the world on Pocket Edition.
Haha well if you were one of the lucky ones to get it for 10c then for sure its worth it. I enjoy creative mode (especially fun to have the GF get in my pocket world and just kinda make pixel art and whatnot) but survival is what got me into MC, and its still by far the easiest for me to get lost in. Everything I do feels like a struggle and every piece of ore and every creation I make in survival just feels a bit more rewarding. It might be because I had to gather the resources myself, it could be that I had to fight my way through an army of zombies and mine my way down to the pits of hell itself to get what I wanted, but whatever the case I still really enjoy a challenge. :)
I wasn't one of the lucky ones, but I know people who were. I bought it at the full price on day of release. :) But I would have to agree with you. I do spend quite a bit of time building even in MC:PE, but not as much time in a single sitting as I do now that I have to actually gather resources. I hope the updates come quicker now.
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