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I like the Transformer a lot. All I'm missing now is the keyboard attachment.
using a transformer with keypad to write this... sorry but the android operating system is its downfall - it could do much more
DF 2 JD - This is why i bought mine but the office app supled with it is poor
What about google documents? Wouldn't that work well?
It is avalable and works but other things are problimatical such as printing and scanning, The transformer does however have a battery lif so large i have it running from 6 am to 9pm and have never worried about the battery, Tha is its real USP
I entered in every contest to win the Transformer for months! Make my Holiday wish come true AP!
+Dave Fuller, I don't really need it for printing and scanning, just writing. I don't even have a laptop! This thing would be perfect! :-)
I bought an Asus Transformer 16GB WiFi two weeks ago and now so wishing that I had bought a 3G model as I'm loving it so much!!! The handling cost to exchange is just too much...
Four tablets to giveaway - I just need one!
I mean i'd take all four... but one is fine too... >.<
+Todd Vierling Android Police respects Google's contest policy on Google+ Pages, and we are in compliance. This contest is hosted at, and our Google+ Page displays only a link to that contest. There is nothing in Google's terms indicating asking users to engage in some act on Google+ from the actual hosting point of the contest may not be a component of the contest itself. Thanks for your concern.
Awesome, thanks for hosting this giveaway!
lol @ +Todd Vierling, nice one.... you idiot! (So I flagged your post)
Go back to facebook where your comment's may hold water.
It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine...
I'd love to win it but I'm trying to buy it and I cant even find somewhere to let me pro-order the damn thing!!! Going to my local bestbuy and demanding they order me one!!!
Man it would be so awesome to win this!!!!!
Would make a great holiday gift fir/to me.
Android tablets are sweet!
please let me win this. I will be your friend forever
Androbot transformer and roll out
To AP, wow! Thanks for the chance at winning!
what a nice morning new. I just reshared. it would be awesome winning it
Until I can enter, I refuse to consider any of your competitions "International" (Multinational maybe...). Good luck to those that can enter, though :-)
God I've wanted a Transformer for ages! Best of luck, all.
I just want a tablet.. Any of these will be fine.. Maybe this could be it? Fingers crossed (hands and toes).
+Jason Donnelly The Android app for Google Docs is a piece of crap for composition, so is the mobile site, and using the full site would probably crash the stock browser and lack full support for Opera Mobile (the old ver of gdocs didn't work fully in Opera desktop). On the upside the office suite is good for bundled and if you need serious office file editing, you need a PC-only software package to begin with.

I use my TF every day with and without the dock and it is good enough to replace my workstation. It's replaced my netbook for everything netbooks are supposed to be for, it is what I program on (even if the code is sometimes for PC), and also serves as a mobile terminal. Only thing missing for me is stuff I would need an x86/Windows NT PC for; but I am a rather "Advanced and insane" user you could say.

Worst parts of the transformer: tablets and netbooks all seem to have crap mics; the stock browser in HC is crash happy and slow (use Opera Mobile or Firefox); some people try to treat it like a Windows/*nix laptop instead of an Android netbook.

It's also not great for compiling a ton of modern C++ code but does a lot better than my old laptop did at compiling anything xD.
james p
Love the contests!
I have an awesome tablet, but this would make a nice gift for someone I know who deserves it.
I would love to get #ASUSTransformer but I'll appreciate others as well. Sharing this post diminish my chance of winning...but rule is the rule.. :-)
Android Police is the new Santa:) I would love me some tablet especially that awesome Asus it would be great for writing that i do much lately and that great battery life ohh please be lucky this time
I plan on buying this soon as it's out but if I got it free that would be even better.
If that Transformer makes his way over to pond to under my Christmas Tree ?? I hope so.
ahh, just realized that Indonesia isn't enlisted.. :( Looks like Indonesia isn't internasional yet.. :(
this would make my girlfriend's Christmas this year, today is her birthday too! /me crosses fingers.
Len Art
I would SO love to get this one.. Ahhhh :D
The tablet dock combination is a sure winner.
Love to win an ASUS tablet! It would match my ASUS laptop!
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