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Anybody got one of these things? I hear those who own it love it. It's expensive as hell though - $249+.
Yeah I was looking for it, but the price made me nevermind.. Think I'll use Endomondo combined with the Fitbit Ultra.. Should be pretty nice
My wife loves hers, but I haven't used it. That would require me working out.
I have one and I love it. The price is actually very reasonable for what you are getting....If you compare it to the Garmin GPS watch devices which run about $150 - $300 and only have GPS and HeartRate Monitor support....the Motoactv has that plus Mp3 player, WiFi, and Bluetooth...the device software is very slick and runs smoothly. The only issue I have is with the Motocast desktop software, which is very basic and depends on Windows Media player or iTunes to manage your music...wish it had support for cloud services or other desktop music managers. Here's one of my treadmill workouts to show you the kind of data it collects
It's too bad they couldn't roll this into their phones, minus the heart rate monitor. Hint, hint +Google.
My hold up would be the battery life. How long does this thing hold a charge on average? +Ivan Cervantes
do you golf, +Ivan Cervantes ? the new update has piqued my interest. this is a far better alternative to hauling out my phone to track my game. from MOTO's description it sounds like a competent companion, and there is no better excuse to spend almost three bills than golf.
They definitely struck gold with the target audience with this update, heh.
just another case of SUaTMM. if you remove the device from the band, you could have a $300 16GB GPS, BT, and WiFi-enabled Android ball marker. sign me up!
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