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They make the most addictive games...
tyst _
Fan of gran prix story !
Whhhyyyyyy...??? :( Why it cost so muuuch? I won't pay 4€ for a casual game, i won't!! It is ridiculous in my opinion.

Kairosoft's games are so expensive.
At least when you buy it you get everything and the kitchen sink. (i.e. no in-app purchases, ads, or crippling tricks).
Game Dev Story seemed about right, price-wise, considering how much I got out of it. I just don't want to pay that much for vastly similar games every few months.
+Alex Martin I think the different themes basically allow those folks who weren't into the theme of GameDev Story or Grand Prix to play something they do like. If you don't care about making games but you like restaurant sims, then this release probably is what that person would want.

Then you have those people who just like Kairosoft games in general and can't get enough of them. So the replastered theme rejuvenates the addiction.
+Patrick Witmer Oh yeah, I get why they do it. Just seems creatively lazy. And I was one of those Kairosoft fans once, but got bored quickly -- they'll find diminishing returns if they don't switch it up at some point.
+Alex Martin Yeah, it is a little bit lazy. I skipped a few of them (like this one and the space one), since though there's variation (such as a race track or NPC's fighting monsters)...not really enough in some cases. But I enjoyed Dungeon Village immensely, as much as GameDev Story.
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