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Yep, we've organized yet another Giant Giveaway! Here's your second chance to win an Eee Pad Slider:
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I could totally use a this, ASUS and AP, fingers are crossed!
now i'm spewing I deleted facebook and twitter... could have tripled my chances
Hope I win this time! :-)
Good luck all, and congrats to whoever wins.
pick me pick me.... I could be the aussie WINNER WINNING...
I would love have my hands on it.....
Every time I fall short on another contest a kitten dies.. please think about the kittens.. :-)
This would make a great Christmas present for me 
I want this so bad. I am willing to even eat a christmas "Fruit Cake" if I have to.
hope i win this , love androidpolice XD
I want and need this so very much. I've been crazy about this first because it's an Asus and it's a slider. absolutely perfect for me. Here's to every one...... Good luck.
I'm heading to a week long conference in a couple of weeks and would love to take this for notetaking instead of my laptop!
Nice. Hope I can Take this one. Good Luck Everyone. But I need this so I hope I win.
One of these would most certainly help my future profession (interpreter :))
Don't bother with the other guys, just send it to me now. :)
OK, I tweeted, shared, and followed. Send it to me PUHLEESE!!!!!
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