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Nexus 4 owners who updated to KitKat via OTA or factory images (and retained data), did you have issues with the Home button and the Quick Settings button on the top right of the notification pane not working at all?

Tap - nothing happens.

We've seen several reports of this happening, plus +Artem Russakovskii's own update ended up with the same fate. Let's see how widespread this may be.
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Roi Losh
No issues here, works perfectly.
Updated this morning, no issues so far.  (Currently using Aviate as a launcher if that's relevant).
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Nexus 7 2013 model who have sideloaded kitkat release:

Did you have issues with the share button in all apps ? I always get (copied to clipboard) and doesn't show me the conventional share dialog.
This issue happens on all Google and 3rs party apps. 
No issues here on N4 updated from 4.3 to 4.4 via OTA earlier today.
It happened to me when I updated using factory image without wipe and I had to wipe and reflash to solve the issue.
The only issue I am having that is similar is pressing the time used to take you to the clock(date takes you to calendar),but now tap it and nothing happens but long press brings up set a new alarm,anyone else?
No issues with that but my battery life has gone to crap. Used to make it through the work day and have about 40-50% left. Past few days I've finished work with only 10-15% and not even 1.5 hrs of screen on time
upgraded yesterday via OTA (no wipe) and it works perfectly
first version of nexus4 bought from play store usa at start
No issues, just some apps force closing.. updated via OTA
Working fine hier. Build KRT165. Its the same for all?
Well I updated to krt160 by factory image and then to krt16s by ota, and mine seems to work fine 
Yes +Majdi Jarrar there is often no menu when I press share... Cleared the settings of the specific apps, that's not the problem.
Updated my N4 using the KRT16O factory image last week, then sideloaded the additional OTA yesterday... All good so far
Upgrading manually might have been what made my screen seem completely unresponsible to touches a couple of times. Turning the screen off and on again a few times seemed to fix the issue in both instances.

I'm still on KRT16O.
Updated from factory image KRT16O to KRT16S using adb sideload. No problems for me. Everything works well
Side loaded it. No issues. For me... But I have superuser installed :-P 
Working fine on krt16s via our. 
Only issues with the Play Store right now, dont know the reason, it closes immediately after opening (clear data doesnt fix it).
+OLIVER W Did you upgrade via OTA or factory images? If via OTA did you force update by deleting google framework? If yes delete play store data 
Side loaded it via TWRP on my N4 and manually ADB-sideloaded it on N7 2013; everything's fine. Huge boost in battery life on the N7 so far; 6 hours in, 55min screen on time and still 95% left. 
I updated from stock-rooted 4.3 to 4.4 by manually flashing image KRT16O and subsequently flashed KRT16S without issue Did not wipe data for either install and all appears to be functioning normally.
Had that. Had to wipe data and reflash the factory image.
I had it aswell after the OTA, factory reset did the job, didnt flash the factory image though
+OLIVER W urghhh...then you're screwed^^ Factory reset then. Normally these steps should fix the issue. But nevertheless don't do a framework reset. Also google did an announcement that this will harm you more than it will bring you profit.
+Sebastian Roth yup, lets see. I did it millions of times before, no prob like that, so maybe its really 4.4 to blame for.
No issues regarding home button or quick settings but I found multitasking less responsive.... 4.3 was flawless
No issues for me. Happy with it so far. Looking forward to getting the New Launcher soon!
I cant change the notification tone in gplus. It keeps being set to silent. Strange.
I think every thing have an issue.. My back button not responding most of the times. Camera keep crashing and restarting.. What is going on? Is there no QA in Google???
I'm having issues with the dialer. It wont bring up the dialer the first time i press the icon, but clears up the next time i do it. I removed the user data.IMG and -w from the fastboot windows tool. To keep my user data.
Got the KRT16S OTA last night, no such issues.
Updated via factory image with no problems
No issues here, everything is smooth. A minor issue i was having that has been fixed after a reboot, was the date on the lockscreen. Day and month was one word :p
No issues. But I hate the addition of location oer there
received the OTA this morning for my Nexus 4 and do far no issues. 
Same issue for me after keeping data, Home button is not working.
And I hear incoming notifications but don't see any icons in the statusbar
Yura K
KRT16O - via Factory Image
KRT16O-> KRT16S via sideload

No issues here.
So besides the issues what do we really get with kitkat? Can someone confirm the maps version of the update? 
no issues here, i wiped my device before i flashed factory image of KRT16O then flashed KRT16S through TWRP and still no issues
No issues
O Factory image last week
S zip via recovery today

Yeah, I had that issue with the original factory image. I had to wipe to fix it.
In my case, can't change the notification sound in G+... That's strange :(
Everything works fine for me after sideloading the OTA last night. 
+Jeffrey Kovács glad i'm not the only one with the problem, it always chooses "copy to clipboard".

But the weird thing, i don't see it reported by anyone else.
+Michael Katz hey it's working, thanks for the tip, the first time i tried clearing the defaults of only "Chrome Beta" just to test your theory and it didn't work.
I went to Settings >> Apps >> Reset app preferences (accessible from the overflow menu) and now it's working.

Again, thank you very much :)
I've updated mine from KRT16O, no problems at all
+Peter Yeh my sister's Nexus 4 has the exact same issue. Push dialler and nothing comes up unless you press home and then open the app again. 
No issues here. Sideloaded the OTA via adb with zero issues. 
No issue. Only tethering is not working
No problem here, n4, updated with factory image and kept data. All runs great. 
+Majdi Jarrar for me it always chooses "push to bullet". And I never heard if anyone with the same issue.

Edit: clear application defaults doesn't do anything in this case.
I had both of these problems using the upgrade. Also really slow performance. Flashing the user data "fixed" it, but obviously I had to set it all up again.
+Majdi Jarrar ah, that option is new to me. That might work. But it shouldn't happen in the first place, I never choose 'always' in the share option, but still one app sticks automatically...
After upgrading to KitKat , random reboots when taking a lot of picture
Sideloaded the OTA (from 4.3) last night. Haven't found any issues yet.
Worked perfect!! I only install the first factory image thou so far.. not the most recent one.
Mine works fine. Maybe a factory reset might fix it?
Nexus 4 updated via OTA.
Quick settings work perfectly. But some apps(also Google apps) have a high reaction time when using the menu button to return.
Seems sometimes kind of laggy..
I'm using GEL :)
No, just some battery (apparently solved) and YouTube ( some errors before the video starts) issues. I'm using ART.
No problems at all. Phone actually running cooler and (methinks) better battery life.
This exact thing with the home button not working happened to me.
Yes, exactly, home button unresponsive and pull-down settings menu empty. Installed OTA which left my phone frozen, then flashed 4.4 manually.
Also had these issues and had to do a factory reset to resolve this pain.
Nothing here. Clean flash from factory image.
Yes. Here's what I wrote on this AP post (

"I just got the OTA 4.4. on my Nexus 4, but after I installed it, I automatically noticed some things wrong:

1. When the home screen booted, it had deleted all the app shortcuts I made, and replaced them. When I realized all my apps were there, it was ok, I just re-added everything.

2. But then I realized that my home button (the middle software key) isn't working! I also noticed that when I pull the notification bar down, it doesn't let me toggle between notifications and settings. Has anyone else experienced this?

3. I've also noticed that when I click power off, it won't let me turn on Airplane mode or toggle between vibrate and silence.

Any ideas what happened? I DID enable developer tools and switch to ART, but it was doing this even before that. But then I noticed that it restarted and switched it back actually.

Additionally, I've discovered more problems. For one, my lock screen doesn't come up at all. Second, I'm not getting any notifications (though the LED notification works).

It's definitely a problem with the OTA update of 4.4 (my apps work fine for the most part (e.g., WhatsApp keeps crashing))
The same here. Home button does not work and Quick settings from upper slide does not open. No airplane mode under power button. Google Now does not slide from bottom up any more. It opens only when clicking upper search bar. 
No Devloper options under Settings.
Regarding to home button. The only moment, when it does something is when I have FB Home lock screen active, clicking home closes it and opens normal screen.
I emailed Google to ask if a fix was in the works, their response was to instruct me on how to perform a factory reset.
+Forrest Aubel I was told to clear the cache and then when that didn't work, they jumped right to replacing the phone... 
No issues for me.  Sideloaded the OTA via ADB from latest JellyBean without wiping data and cache.  I've been running Nova Launcher Beta and GEL if that makes a difference.
So, some people had no problems, and for some people the OTA update soft-bricked their phones. Sounds like a rousing success.
lower part of screen (maybe 0.5 cm) and home button not working. factory reset did not help!
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