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When a dev [hilariously] loses all patience with Android Market comments, lulz ensue:
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haha But people in the android market are indeed stupid... they buy tegra Pinball without having a tegra processor and rate it with 1 star >.<
hes like the Richard Simmons of the android market...
A person is intelligent, people are dumb!
AWESOME! I love that! A huge "Hell Yea" to the developer :D
This is great! Even though I have never developed anything I can say I know how the dev feels. When trying to help people in IRC and/or different forums it is hard not to lose it when they just can't understand simple instructions. Thanks for sharing this.
"My application can not guess that you have not learned to read." My new hero.
Again and again I read devs asking people not to rate so harshly and to email their concerns first, but no one seems to care for the devs who brings them a better Android Market since Google came out with it.

I think Google should ban certain people from rating and reviewing if they known abusers of the system. It's not fair for the devs.
+Sean Ong I think what Google needs to do is allow developers to reply to comments inline, and notify the user when it happens.
I'm going to give him a five star review for that description. AWESOME! 
Most reviews are by morons. The dev is class for actually saying what he's thinking.
Everyone go download this app and give the dev 5 stars
Gino B.
LMFAO, Awesome! 
Best part is even after changing to this rant, there are a couple of morons with the same complaints proving the inability to read.
Downloaded tested (works as advertised) and 5* rating given, i hate seeing apps being given poor ratings due to idiots not reading the description or having no concept of what they're talking about 
Is there a way to see all the reviews written about an app? I can only manage to get about 10 to show up
Hey man, any publicity is good publicity. ;)
It'd be a nice feature, I know eBay lets you respond to feedback, for example. Perhaps if your app gave an unrealistic answer, you could give a message popup instructing them how to properly enter their information?
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