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One of our previously reliable sources indicated that the Nexus 4 could indeed be back in stock today in the Play Store (U.S., not sure about others).

9am PST is the word currently.

We decided not to post it on the site in case it ends up slipping, but given, we're inclined to put the probability of it actually happening somewhere around 80%.
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Ohhhhhh how I wish this was true!!! I'd be one happy chica!!! :-) 
Hope so! Imported 11 of them in the last batch for friends and family... Have had another 4 friends all sign up to get them too when I next see them available!
Oh god thats a killing news I have been waiting for.Google just make nexus 4 available now I m waiting from months and now I'm pissed off.but still excited to gets hand on nex4
i just got mine one week ago. Awesome phone! best bang for my bucks. Totally worth the wait (7 weeks) :). Good luck with your order
I got mine in December, just sayin' :-P
People are still interested in this phone 
My contract ends in march so I may be looking at this at that time or just waiting for the s4.
So, is it for sale or not? I'm not in the US so I can't check without jumping through hoops.

Nevermind, a new AP article was posted literally 5 seconds after I asked.
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