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hopefully all the folks will repledge when the new campaign starts. I am still going to back it because it will rock on my Transformer Prime.
It woudl be amazing if they made a mobile one. That  launcher just makes me want a tablet
What a terrible project anyway. Did you hear the disdain in the voice of the guy running this thing when he was interviewed about the project? I don't understand why an Android hater would want to create something like this.

Also, doing this in HTML5? What a joke.
Really don't get the hate a few people have for this project. Looks really promising to me. Does it matter how they make it if the end result works as intended?
Pledged before and will pledge again.
The article didn't mention it, but the info I received via email was that a member of the team backed out... Just so happened this member was the one that setup the Amazon Payment account.  So it was tied to a person that left.  I don't see this as a big deal. I'll pledge again. My TF Prime wants this so bad.  It told me so.
+Dave Hoffman the article did mention that actually. (edit: apparently the article was edited since +Dave Hoffman initially read it, and I didn't see that noted on the article itself)

+Eivind Husby here is the interview I brought up, and I think after listening to the guy you will understand why I can't support this project:

Also I doubt they'll ever be able to get the performance they want by disdaining Android's fundamental design pieces and building this via HTML5.
+James Power  - NOT the version I read... it has been edited. I still hav e it up in another tab in the form I read.  Quote"According to a message on the Kickstarter page, a problem of some indeterminate nature was encountered with Amazon Payments. Because Kickstarter runs all pledges through that service, Teknision says it will be unable to accept any of the money people have thus far pledged. Apparently, the only recourse is to cancel the current drive, and start a new one. To be clear, no one that pledged to support Chameleon will be charged." end quote
+Dave Hoffman we were told as backers that the issue was the person who was setup to take amazon payments left the team and kickstarter would not switch to someone else.
+michael interbartolo Right - that's what I said.. go back a few more posts. The Android Police article was changed right after they posted it.
+James Power thanks for the link to the interview with Gabor. Not sure I get the same feeling as you after watching it.
+James Power I'm about halfway through the interview atm and so far I'm not getting your point.
I don't agree with a lot of their viewpoints, but fail to see the relevance that has to the quality of the project at all?
Does how the personal feelings of the programmer mean more to you than the product they deliver?
So far your argument sounds a lot like claiming that Lethal Weapon sucks because Mel Gibson is a complete asshole.
+Eivind Husby if the developer thinks Android isn't a good platform I don't see why I should support something they're working on - especially when they're eschewing using elements of the platform itself in favor of something like HTML5, which I can't see being performant for this use case.
+James Power where are you getting that Chameleon is HTML5? Nowhere in the officially released information, either on their official homepage, their blog, or their Kickstarter am I seeing anything that says it's HTML5. Aside from that, it would be extremely difficult it not impossible anyway since Launcher replacements have to be native apps, not browser pages, which would mean needing to wrap the browser into an app just to support it and even then the page part of it wouldn't have access to a lot of the info the widgets need, such as the gallery, mailboxes, etc.

And where do you get that they hate Android? The video opens up with "Hey Kickstarters, we love Android..."
+Daniel Bentley I believe this is the video they mention they're utilizing HTML5 heavily for their launcher, which sounds crazy to me for basically the reasons you've listed:

Hands-on with the Chameleon skin for Android tablets

Maybe I'm wrong though and they'll make something great - I just got the impression that the developer didn't have much faith in Android and the HTML5 usage really threw me off.
+James Power He feels that the UI is not up to par and wants to make it better. Regardless of if he is right (I love the Android UI); is that not a good viewpoint to have when you try to make a good UI?
The Android negative comments where mostly from the interviewer.
The developer mostly complained about the UI.
On top of that they both agreed that Android was getting much better very quickly. And yes. A lot of their points where completely wrong (among some good ones), but not regarding anything I believe will impact the project in any negative way.
+Eivind Husby I think there's a difference between suggesting the UI is not up to par and trashing the platform as a whole, which is the impression I got.
+James Power ah ok, if you check out the development that's been going on with Chameleon, that video was the prototype used to show off the idea to Texas Instruments, it wasn't the actual app. The reason they needed the Kickstarter funding was to take this conceptual design and turn it into a real functioning app. I think that may be where the confusion is coming from :)
I hope that's the case! I like the idea of a more flexible launcher, I'm just skeptical - but I hope it works out!
ok got deeper into the video, the widgets are HTML5, but it's never said that the app itself is... makes some sense as far as making widget development easy for 3rd party developers.

I'm curious if it's REALLY HTML5 though, or if it's just XML made to look like HTML5 cause the guy with AndroidCentral is the one that threw out the HTML5 term and the Tek guy just sort of went with it, and XML is the main form control being used through Android.

I just went ahead and asked on the Kickstarter page, lets see if there's an official response regarding it :)
No word back yet. If I don't get a response before they relaunch their drive I'll repost on the new drive. They may have just stopped watching comments (even though the last official comment response was only 3hrs before my post)
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