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Anybody on 3 (as in, Three, the carrier) in Hong Kong, Sweden, or Ireland? Can you please check if carrier billing is now available to you?

Also, if anyone is on Telenor in Sweden, can you see if you still have carrier billing?
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Don't see it on a 3HK phone here - but it does say that you have to explicitly enable it on your carrier account...
Don't see the option here in Ireland yet, though I'm on 3 pre paid so this may make a difference

Edit: actually it is, didn't realise you need to be on mobile data 
Just sent it to you in a google plus message. If you want to use the screenshot would you blur out the few digits on my card
Ah, can't try now - it's my gf's phone and she's just gone to work... I'll ask her to try a bit later. 
Prepaid on No changes yet. Running All You Can Eat Data plan.
Is this the same Three (3) that is in Indonesia as well?
They say it's available, I'm on 3 Sweden, but I can only pay with my debit card as always. 
Tele2 here in Sweden works as well, it's not visible in the list you linked though.
Yes, it's working on the Three Ireland network.
My phone is an unlocked Galaxy Nexus, with no network specific software on it.
I bought the Swype keyboard and when it came to choosing the payment method I got an option to choose carrier billing in the drop down menu.
I had to activate it on my device, then it went smooth as silk.
Slight off-topic, but does anyone know if you have already entered credit card details, will carrier billing still come up as an option? I'm on Vodafone UK and I don't see the pay on my bill option.
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