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I'm getting a 'No Firmware' message when I try to update... anyone else getting this? I am rooted, so that may have something to do with it.
I wanted ICS! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
so, does this mean it will be at least June 22nd before we might see an official ICS release?
+Nathan Sheaffer You're correct sir. We will not see an ICS update officially pushed out until sometime after June 22nd.
+Matt Eden That idea fits into the normal release pattern of US carriers. I wouldn't expect anything less. That's why I root my devices :-)
XDA reported this and it was freezing on about 60% for most. I've had ICS for a month now in several different roms. CM9 has been out on nightlies for a few weeks. I'd recommend rooting if you want your ICS fix now. Minor issues currently are speaker phone and hardware lights not working. Besides that everything else running perfect for me after 2 days of use. I went from 2a to 3 once released 5-18-12 depending on your timezone posted 5-19-12
Very odd... I have the Canadian version of the t989 from Telus and am expecting an ICS update in 'early June' (which means nothing in reality), but why oh why would they release an update to Gingerbread so soon before an ICS update?

I suppose some folks will upgrade to ICS and not like it, and will be able to roll-back to this optimized version of Gingerbread... but still, very odd. It seems like something that should have been released months ago.
+Mark Roehl I've heard rumblings about a t989 (T-Mobile/Telus) version of CM9, but there are no files yet. Still in primary development, unless I'm looking in the wrong place...

I would LOVE to have CM9 on my SIIx!
Still waiting for my #htcamaze4g ICS update...any day now would be nice.
We were thinking peaks inside magic hat sometime before Christmas ;)
+Neil Lund Nice. I am in the middle of the alphabet, so maybe later this week? Super excited! Thanx!
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