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+Google Play Something is wrong with the v2.0 update of the Magazines app. The changelog has been showing v2.0 since this morning but no devices of ours or anyone we asked can see it.

Is this another confusing side effect of staged/beta rollouts? First the Yelp update a few days ago, now this.

cc +Ellie Powers
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I received the update this morning. It has the all new design of books and music. Looks great!
Guess this is a staged rollout? I dont have it in the UK
I received the update today
So Play Movies is next then? Right? Please!
gmail then movies hopefully 
I don't have it yet, but I'm waiting for it.
Someone knows when will this app be available in Romania?
I just find it interesting how "_____ is starting to appear, but not for X" is happening SO much right now in Google's ecosystem I love Google but I would just like to understand why.
I received it about 3 hours ago. It matches the sidebar and new nav of Play Books and Play Music. It also updates the layout and grouping of your magazines and matches the layout options of Play Music. (I've got it both on my Galaxy S2 and my Nexus 7)
I haven't even gotten the update yet. I'm on Sprint with a Galaxy S3 and I live in the US so I don't know why I haven't gotten it yet.
Updated on my Nexus 7 just now! Looks nice.
+Tommy Nunno I'm looking forward to seeing how gmail handles it, do you think they'll keep the labels in the sidebar?

I'm hoping YouTube gets updated as well.
I agree with +Connor Shea. YouTube desperately needs an update. Unless I've been doing something wrong we're not able to respond directly to other youtuber's comments in the app. Right now my laptop is not working so opening up the full YouTube site in my mobile browser just to respond to someone's comment is a hassle.
There's is no way currently to respond to comments and I agree it desperately needs an overall
Ok now I got it. Samsung GS3/Sprint/Southern California. Looks amazing.
Got the update 5 min ago, Nexus 7 Brooklyn NY
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