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Oh Ok. Great. So we might expect next galaxy teaser trailer. That is my hard guess.
Hmm... Should I go and snag it? Nahhhh...
Can't wait to get my hands on it today going to pick it up :-)
Great. Now the Sprint customers can pick up the unsupported Google Galaxy Nexus developer phone...
Galaxy Nexus is the best superphone no matter the OS. Awesome!
cant connect yo 3g on my sprint nexus no ones able to fix called an in store any ideas
+Rene Medina Did you try switching it from CDMA/LTE to just CDMA? Try pulling the SIM card as well.
Does anyone else but me have an issue with Sprint's $10 premium data charge when LTE won't be rolled out till the end of 2013? It makes me feel like tasty are charging the customer for the network buildout.
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