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Done, good luck all :)
Did the G+ share and the Facebook. Looking forward to the drawing!
am about to complete one out of three. hope i win. good luck to everyone!
I hope that Samsung sent to Germany. If I should win something. Your profits are in any case always awesome.
Hmm... already in love with Samsung, Now it's with NVIDIATegra yeah!
Wow, this is great! Another Giveaway! Good luck all! :)
Make a nice alternative to my laptop while on ex.
I am drooling over this! Sometimes it sucks being a nerd....
I am not going to win this. Prove me wrong.
Jaz F
Awesome giveaway! Always number one!
This time i am feeling Damm Lucky. Long Live India ;)
Again going for it, just give it.
I created a google+ account juz to share this post! I really need this!!
I hav a feelin I'm gonna win this baby ;)
I think this is pretty cool. I hope I win.
Done Mate..... Shared it to the public... sincerely hoping to win
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