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I like the size. Screen looks beautiful.
Click into the post to vote please if you haven't yet.
hated it...noithing..some gimmicky features...where was the face unlock? huge bezel .pentile screen .u kdding me.

how will eye tracking work in the dark btw ? :O

S2 stays
If you like the design of this phone than you must be in awe at the sexiness of the HTC One series or love Apple.
Its the phone to have...well from the 29th of May!
Not blown away.. It's a small update to the SGS2. Might as well call it the SGS2s.

I wanted more.
Scott B
I like the way video glides around while you type and stuff. For Sammy fans its just an upgrade but for apple eating apes its for humans!
50 GB dropbox is a nice touch though !!! btw how many carrying the induction chanrging kit instead of a puny charger while travelling ? :D
Its a total fail for me.... Sorry guys and this coming from a sammy fan.. The back looks so plasticky ...TW cartoon icons are back :'(
+Mark Knight This is a very important phone for Samsung and every communication related to its promotion will be analysed million times. About the phone itself well I personally believe it will kill Nokia, Motorola, HTC and position Samsung on a stronger foot vis and vis apple.
Wasn't mind blowing hardware as some expected, but I like it. I think I'm gonna get one.
I'll be honest. Tech looks awesome (except for the casing), but the presentation was horrid. There was no flow, the hosts were speaking like robots (reading from the teleprompter does this), and what's up with the elevator-music during the speeches??
+Devin Stewart Man Samsung need to higher better presenters. I like everything about it apart from the pentile display. I was hoping for a Super Amoled Plus HD display
Nick B
Hardware & capacitive buttons on ICS is a massive fail.
The processor is superb. The screen is ok. The ram - expected more. camera is good. design - i guess is ok. Over all under whelmed. might just wait for my first nexus phone when it comes out later this year with Jelly Beans.
But dont get me wrong the #galaxys3 is still a craking phone. Proabably the best phone in the market right now!
I would rather have seen no capacitive buttons. I never could see its purpose, unless it also added more screen space. So you could have en app extend its screen to replace those buttons, if it gave alternatives to those buttons, or otherwise made sure they weren't needed. But I guess that was one of the purposes of ICS? I never really understood why I have to admit. I miss the design from the HTC Hero, giving you a button to take a call, one to hang up, and a touchball. I also miss a dedicated camera button. When you put a 8mpixel camera in a phone and a blitz, it should also have a camera button.
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