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Hilarious Easter Egg in Hangouts.
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Sam Cross
Whatever Bronie fucktard did this needs to be fired.
At google they are spending to much time developing jokes

In the while hangouts rating is 3.4 and going lower

Go ponies go
How does one develop a joke? 
Joke = easter egg
Instead to spend a day for the easter egg, they could spend it to show correctly if a contact is online or offline for example xD
Umm a little help? I just started using google+ and I keep getting notifications from this post, I thought it would eventually stop but it doesn't xD. How do I stop it? 
+Chris T. is it? My tests resulted in: shadowed avatar = not in this conversation, not shadowed = has this conversation open right now
+Robin Frick shaded avatars are shown at the last place the person has read up to.
non shaded is when they are presently watching and is used as a typing indicator.
+Robin Frick that's my experience as comparing Talk on my GNex and Hangouts on my DInc2 
+Alexander Diana So how do I know whether someone is online now (on mobile, I know on desktop there is the green bar)... That is what this was about right?
Gah, my fault, I'm referring to the mobile app, I use Gmail otherwise... My apologies 
+Alexander Diana  So if there is a shaded icon on the end of the conversation do I know whether the person is online, although not actively looking at the chat? I only know that he/she read this far, but don't know whether I can continue my conversation, right? You have to help me a little bit here, seems I didn't fully get what you tried to explain to me.
+Robin Frick if they read it then you know they are there, its really a more accurate metric than "online" or "busy" which is easily set wrong or innacurate
this is AWESOME! imma try this when i get the chance!
what wrong with android police you know what
i think its cool
did anyone know about the blur he is some kind of superhero who fight for peace?
fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity
hey the blur does fight for peace
so go screw yourself man
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