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NVIDIA and Android Police are giving away a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Honeycomb tablet and an awesome Tegra Zone power pack full of goodies (Jawbone JAMBOX, keyboard dock, and more) for doing close to nothing.

See the link to enter.
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WOOT first! Please let me win...please please please fate please!
i've placed 6 total orders for touchpads to get ALL of them cancelled on me, please oh please let me win this!!
I want it, because in Germany we cant buy it :-(
Sorry Alex, but Fate likes me more ;)
Ditto, had multip Touchpad orders cancelled and hunted constantly in the UK, only wanted it to get Android running, would much rather have an awesome Galaxy Tab!
how do i get the twitter link in the format you want... with tweet id and status?
I really really really want it since I'm always on the go and need something to keep me connected to the world.
+Andy Lohaus click on the time stamp of the tweet and it will bring the original tweet up...copy the URL
+Alex Hernandez Thanks!! I think i clicked every link except the timestamp when i was looking for that
Does this take the place of the previous contest?
Can't do the face book thing from work, :-( have to wait until I get home to complete the tasks. But I want to win!
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I've honestly entered into at least 50 of these contest...I have never won!! I would use this Tablet to do my first ever review and get my foot into the door working with social PLEASE!!
+Scott Haggerty Can you not do it via your phone?
If not then perhaps we also need a competition to win a phone that you can enter...
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What if I dont have facebook!?? never used an account, well havent in a good 2 years
+Brad Powell you don't need a facebook acct. you can still enter via G+ or can triple the chance if you use all 3 is all
I can't even sign up. I'm out in the middle of the sea on deployment and for some reason, they decided to block THIS website..
Jia Lim
for google+ link,how to copy the url? unable to get the link in the required form
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+Alex Hernandez yeah I followed both on Twitter, Reshared both on here and Twitter, Tweeted the link plus added my little phrase then circled I believe both accounts here on dying to win this contest. Either its US only, or, well I just dont win!
Jia Lim
+Alex Hernandez thanks a lot :) BTW I enabled protected tweets for my account,do I need to disable it?
+Jia Lim - I think you are long as you provide the tweet link to Android Police. They will be able to see the tweet and that's all they need.
Man, how I'd love to win this :) Who won the last one btw?
I don't think they've actually made the drawing yet. The Android Police blog said something about it this morning...they've been on vacation and they're playing catch-up.
Who needs a touchpad.. PLEASE!!!!!
It would be great to win. I cannot afford to buy a tablet right now with my growing family.
All 3 done, fingers crossed, would love to win this, good luck all :)
Please sir...may I have some wait. May I have one to start with?
Glad to actually have a contest on this again :P
The timestamp on my G+ reshare is not clickable, and the link of the post looks NOTHING like the example link. How on earth do I find the link???

[UPDATE:] The G+ url isn't linked to the timestamp. Nor does it resemble the sample. To access it, you need to use the web version of G+, NOT the Android app! Just go to your stream. Find the shared post. Click on it. And the post opens on a separate page. Copy the incredibly complex url in the address field, and you're a for away. Good luck!
Just so my son can continue adding layer upon layer of snot on the g-tab, and leave this one to me.
Geez, I'm starting to hate "residing" in Brazil. I wish I was a resident of the world.
Was Giveaway #5 winner announced? YAY! I like this one. Tegra Zone Power Pack, bring on the heat! (:
I've lost track of how many of these that I have entered...
I always love android police and the way how they update android news. Awesome way to promote this giveaway event =).
All the Best to Every One
crossing my fingers my toes, and even my mustache!
This would be stellar for client meetings.
Let's try this... If I'm not mistaken, this is the first time a giveaway is open to Italy, so I'm glad to participate :)
The Tab would be really exceptional to use at university, especially with the keyboard thing.
It is great that it is not US only, as many other things are ><
Half of step one was completed a long time ago!
Step one completed :-) Now for the other steps ... I want that GT :-)
Would really be thrilled to win this--I almost bought a tablet but had to stop myself so I could save up for a minivan to transport my family after having identical twin girls!
Nice giveaway... done with all 3 methods.. Damn well could use a tablet instead of this unwieldy laptop :( for college (oh I'm a grad student without a GRA or GTA btw :( )
Oh yeah students should have some advantage since they are already indebted by students loan, so it harder for them to get all these newest gadgets.
Yes, Students should have a little advantage, especially graduate students who are working on the bleeding edge but get to experience none.
Trying to apply for this from just my phone.... Fb, twitter and Google + still need some work :) 
Thats ironic, it'll be announced Tuesday.
You can't beat the price. Free is always in my budget.
Oh wow, not only is this a huge giveaway. I've always been itching to get a Jambox :o
As this product getting outlawed this seems to be the only way to get it... for free .. exept stealin'
+Matthew Baugh Are you hoping the universe will simply comply if you tell everyone you've already won?
DOne!!!!! Hope i will these amazing prize!!! :)
doneee~~~~ want want want
I am giving this a shot as I have been wanting a tablet for quite a while and will never be able to afford one. But this is awesome either way. Good luck all.
Woohoo, thanks for doing this giveaway guys, excellent! crosses fingers
Doug K
Oh yeah! I would love this!
Send one of those for me in Portugal!!!!
I hope I win...
Doug K
I've already won ladies and germs
well, i guess some has to win. might as well give it a shot.
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