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+Android Police gaming on the prime is awesome and so glad that PS3 controllers are supported also go into the settings and up the texture and all that jazz
I've been trying to unload my Prime, no one wants to buy it... I guess I need to pull it out of the box this evening and give this a try.
are ps3 controllers supported out o the box no extra apps needed?
It's not the prime's fault, other than the horrible wifi performance... I have had an original gtab, an ipad, a touchpad and the prime and tablets just don't fit into my usage needs.  I've tried to force them in but I always go back to my phone and my laptop.  I have a 13" MBA and I'm really comfortable using just that and my Galaxy Nexus.
+Justin Fazekas  ah ok - to be honest... As much as i hate to say this - and ipad may end up in my hands. I hate the functionality of things to be honest, but the app database is ridiculous. I'll never get an iphone, I had one before, but After seeing the apps for the ipad it makes it hard not to want one ... but i dont want to do it!  
If you know anyone in the market for a prime, hit me up.  I have the keyboard dock to.  It's in immaculate condition and I have the boxes and even the GPS dongle accessory from ASUS.  I'm looking for $750 for everything.
I circled you.  Like I said, hit me up if you hear anything.
Got ps3 controller working didnt realise how easy it was, its on a different level with a controller unbelievably good
Runs ultra smooth on HTC ONE X with tegra 3 enhancements #nostalgic
+Thomas Frost since Android 3.1 host mode was available allowing this and its great for emulators and games that support it
Buttery smooth on my +Galaxy Nexus .  Never thought I'd be playing this game again, on a phone -- and actually enjoy it.  Controls are well done.
There's a Wii controller driver too. Are those Nyko ones from E3 out yet?
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