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still waiting for the wifi only galaxy note :)
+Christopher Fink I'm hoping for the iPod touch treatment. If it's popular enough they might do it. I really want it as a mini tab :D
I admit, I'd forget all about the Galaxy S III for this on Tmo. Hardware specs change every months, but an epic 5.3" screen is an epic win-at least until the next version of the Note :-)
The fact remains that a stylus tablet of this type would be well received.
If this turns out to be legit I might have a reason to stay with T-mo.
Jared R
Well, there's the galaxy note tab 10.1 and I believe a galaxy note tab2 7.0 in the works if you're looking for a device like this that doesn't have the phone part.
i actually think this would be a neat thing to have
Agh I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat, I mean a WiFi/PMP Note; as for the T-Mobile version.. its a bit too late, the Galaxy SIII is on the horizon.
+Jared R 10 inch tablets are way too large to carry around daily and too heavy to comfortably read books on...I have confirmed this to be true with 2 iPads so far :P They're excellent for games, however.

7 inch might be okay, but I love that the note is specifically designed for a stylus. I want a mini digital sketch pad.
Agree with +Lena Cardell again....I have a Galaxy 10" and also a bare bones Kindle. What I want is something that I can fit into a reasonable size pocket that lets me read my books and also has a kickass camera. Getting emails at hotspots would be a bonus.
alternatively, a 10" works great when you have a very large screen phone, such as the gnexus for in the pocket.
10" is super for when I'm snuggled in my bed, but when I'm on the go, I need something more compact and discreet.
Now T-Mobile? Now? Better make a splash if not I'm gone come July. Wait for it...
If +T-mobile had a tower in Colorado, I'd be all about moving to them for a Note...well if they bought my contract out from Verizon that is.
+Lena Cardell If Asus comes out with their 7 inch quad core tablet for $250 the note wouldn't be able to match that price point if they were to make a wifi only.
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