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Sure +Mathew Wohlscheid the class rating has to do with sustained read write speed. Class 10 is the highest that I know of. Class 2 and 4 are low end basic cards. They are good for storage, and low rez picture capture, but if you are a photo nut like me, and shoot anything over 10Mpix, the faster the card the better. Also for HD video capture it is better to have a high speed card
Yup +Virgil Fătu that's the one. you can see the 10 inside the circle, that number indicate the class on this brand of card. Not all cards display this, but many do
IIRC, I got a class 6 via Amazon not too long ago for about $35. It was a gift for my brother-in-law, though I was tempted to keep it myself. ;)
Well I stand . . or sit as the case may be, corrected. The 2-4 class is cheaper, and if you get an OFF brand 6 or 10, you can have issues in some applications. So, Thank you for letting us know about ALL types.
I record 1080p video in my Nikon P100 camera in Transcend 8 GB Class 6 SDHC without any issue.
Boom indeed! Funny that my current 8gb SD has no class markings on it at all.. snagged this offer!
I bought that Lexar further up. Slower than it should be writing, but 30mb/sec read.
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