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Yayyy...We have 2 TF101 in the house eagerly awaiting the update.
Wow, I have really been disappointed in my TF101.
I am hoping for redemption with ICS
I am trying to find the update file but no luck so far, if anybody manages to get their hands on it, please share.
Finally holyshit. WHOOOOOOOOO
Thank god! This is one device that I have kept longer than 6 months lol. I am not excited about any other tablets at this point. Nope I take that back , the padfone is sexy!
Yup, as long as you didn't modify the recovery, you're good to go.

If you rooted, you might also want to install Voodoo's OTA Root Keeper ->
What did you mean when you say, modify the recovery?
looking forward to this in the UK! ICS on my GNexus is fantastic! Can't wait to have both my devices running 4.0!!
I did install clockworkmod recovery.and installed Revolver rom. What should I do to get this ics updated from here dude? Share some light bru.
+Anthony Nesperos : well, you should do a rollback to a previous firmware. The way it works for ASUS' fwota seems to be a simple check to see if you're running a custom recovery or not, so the fix is a simple "Download and install ASUS' firmware". Note that you will need a MicroSD card.

There's a step-by-step guide over at XDA:

and more info here:

Edit: and another link!

Good luck! ;)
HALLELUJAH!!!!! Now I dont have to hear TF101 users begging in every post the word Asus appears in
I'm guessing it's the "I mistyped the "o"" -version of "bro"
+Daniel Walsh did you manage to download the update? or are you in a country where the update is already rolling?
+Yi-Chun Fu did you by any chance save the upgrade file before upgrading? it gets removed once it reboots.
NP, I would be all excited, I am sure i would forget it to save it :)
UK tomorrow.. Cwm stock rooted soon, after :-)
I wonder if this is TF101 only, I've got the 3G version -_-
Hmmm. I just got mine back from ASUS service for battery charge not holding. However, they say they didn't find anything wrong! What??? It goes dead over night [while 'asleep]. My Touchpad holds a charge for days. My iPad holds a charge for weeks even all the while beeping every time a new email comes in [which the asus doesn't do.
+Hassan Dibani yeah, I mean the hardware is great, nice piece of hardware. But the screen seems a little insensitive sometimes, no screen protector either. I have factory reset several times, this may be due to poor apps, but all in all seems a big laggy. The one app I noticed it on the most was Sketchpad by Autodesk, nice app, but the lag on the drawing was ridiculous, it would be a full inch to 2 inches behind the line you were trying to draw. Also it has a few defaults missing. But nice hardware I have to say, not sure about the screen lag until ICS, lets hope it improves this, it may just be honeycomb.
Oh and the update is still not available to me just yet
+M0381U5 I noticed the lag too on Sketchpad, but I think it has more to do with the app itself. I have other drawing apps that work seamlessly.
I've got ICS on my Transformer today! So cool!
I wont know till tomorrow if we have it here! : (
my partner is out of town with it
I got it! just upgraded... still testing it out.. so far so good
ME too ME too.... cooooool!!!
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