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Anybody like magic tricks? :-]
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Let me guess, electro magnet in the ceiling?
is that how the Sprint phone gets signal?
is that one of those silicone grippy things?
;-] Will reveal in due time, when we can figure out where you can get them from. Sorcery is the right word.
Is it on the floor and the camera is upside down?
Mark F
Suddenly: insurance claim
Isn't that one of those grips pads companies sell for use in cars and stuff, so your device won't slip?
They're called "Grippy", "NeoGear" etc. (there's a number of companies making them) and they work the same way as a gecko's feet. You can find them at and other importers (mainland China mfgr)
hah, i just remember reading a couple articles on this what was dubbed as 'gecko tape' by the scientists cooking it up. it's some fairly impressive material.
I assure you the photo is real, it's not gecko tape, not sure you can get gecko tape anywhere yet. Not sure how well Grippy or NeoGear work, or if they use the same technology, but once we figure out how you can buy these, expect a post.
If it's not gecko tape/directional adhesive, and not magnetic, the only other thing I can think of it being is those gummy silicone things covered in goop like you get out of coin machines
+Daniel Bentley It doesn't leave any gook behind, and I'm not sure whether it uses the same technology as gecko tape or directional adhesive - it very well may be, just gecko tape may not be out yet while this thing is.
gecko tape/directional adhesive is a technology, not a specific product :) and there are several manufactures using it (the ones I posted earlier for instance)
Its a kickstarter project I don't remember the name, ir its something that you attach to the phone and place it anywhere
+Daniel Bentley I get that, but at least according to Wikipedia Gecko tape is still in development ( The links you posted are to news about Gecko tape, explanation of directional adhesion and a few products like Grippy that are likely not using Gecko tape techniques necessarily, at least I didn't see any indication that they're as strong and have the same properties.
New "hover" app from the same guy that made the solar charger app?
Can see the outline of the phone on the black backdrop. Betting Velcro
Huh? I can achieve the same effect with superglue, or duct tape even. If this was a video of someone placing the phone on the ceiling and then removing it with similar ease then that would be awesome. But a pic of a phone "stuck" to the ceiling is not impressive.
+Craig Simpson It's not Velcro, far from it. There's nothing attached to the phone and no residue left when you take it off.
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