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CyanogenMod 9 nightlies are available for the Samsung Galaxy S!
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I was literally just looking to see when a nightly would be released!
I need it for Galaxy S Plus! I9001 D:< nå....
no chance of seeing CM9 for the nexus one then?
My poor old Charge just needs some ICS love - will there be any?
Anybody tested the build yet? I'm currently on ICSSGS 4.2 but don't wanna leave it if the nightlies are too buggy
Finally... Meanwhile I've switched to the Slim ROM...
Im on AOKP right now... If Trebuchet is as likely to always crash as it is on my TF101 ill stay there for a while still...
When comes the Galaxy S SCL I9003?
Lol I didn't ask them... I know when they get to it, was more of a rant. Seems to be taking forever. Stupid carriers and variant models :/
You guys are A W E S O M E ! Not only did we get an incredible CM7.2 release this week , but now also CM9 ... christ, im so grateful for your work. CM7.2 battery life and performance is incredible...and now im downloading CM9 nightly -- can't wait to try it out!! CHEERS!
and come on,stop asking for an ETA of other devices... christ
Um I didn't post and ask on the cyanogen forums. for the 2nd time I was ranting as I already stated. I hate when ppl try to tell you not to ask something. If your not the dev making the roms, telling others not to ask is insignificant, ... christ. Last time I looked this was a Android Police post, not a Cyanogen G+ post. I see nothing wrong with the other 3 ppl who also asked the simple question on support for their devices. We're all obvious fans of their work and just are eagerly awaiting some news.

Now we return back to your regular scheduled topic from +Android Police lol.
+Marcus Randolph hello Marcus! Hey I wasn't talking specifically about you...I don't like these repeated questions because the devs themselves said they don't respond to them so it's useless and putts unnecessary pressure on their rom development ...which is not so good (devs are touchy people ;) ). Besides,I would rather see some comments how this rom works,if the compass/gyroscope thingie is fixed in ICS for sgs1 (because ICSSGS rom didn't have a working gyroscope/compass)... so you see,that's why I don't particularly enjoy questions of the type that you posed before,but it doesn't bother me that much... seriously,i personally dont mind that much...but just keep in mind what I said . Not for my benefit (I'm not a dev ),but for you you can understand why someone says "oh stop it with ETA" :) nothing personal
Compass just doesnt work in Google Maps. IT works fine in GPS Status for example
I am jealous with my htc sensation, still waiting for this great rom
Here's hoping Nook Colors are getting closer to the build list...
+Daniel Streit thanks for the info...damn ,that's a letdown. Why is it it works in cm7.2 latest Maps but not on cm9 ? :/ I guess I wont upgrade until that is solved ...I'm a regular Maps user so...
+Tomi Golob I read somewhere the sgs is maybe recognized from gmaps as gnex or something like this.
+Daniel Streit hm,that is possible... example in some instances ,on certain phones,Play store incorrectly identified sgs1 and it thought it's a Nexus or something (in CM7 or whatever)
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