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All things from Google are perfekt!, gDrive too!
Not if half of the drive users account isn't ready.
I can't use it even if I wanted to -- no Linux.
Being a Linux user #driveforlinux doesn't exist which is a huge win for +Dropbox . Everyone in my company uses dropbox to stash files quickly for everyone to use. I don't see google killing dropbox personally. I will use #driveforlinux when it eventually shows up on linux and already have it on my phone but I will still use dropbox also. You can never have to many mirrors and stashes.
So far the online GDrive way trumps Dropbox as the ability to easily tie in webapps is cloud perfection. The android app currently is garbage. It's barely an upgrade over docs at this point so I am confident that it will improve, but currently it is hindering my GDrive usage.
Drive tells me my xlsx file is read-only even though it is not; so, I can't edit it in Drive as easily as I can in Dropbox. Dropbox stays on my system.
Still waiting....
so longgggg google... :(
This will be a battle that will benefit the consumers.....
It has no proxy support on the desktop. I think I will stay with dropbox. They are much more inclusive and the service is fantastic.
400GB per year @ 100$ GDrive is all I'll need.
Why must it dethrone Dropbox? Why must one be used over the other? Use them all. Use one for applications that it is suited for. For instance people complain that Box's file size limitation makes it worthless, I beg to differ. I'm loving the 50GB of storage to hold all my eBooks and eComics all of which fit well under Box's file size. Think before you complain. Just because it's not perfect doesn't mean you can't use it.
Give Drive time... To think that it can't/won't be as good as dropbox is kind of ridiculous. I mean, dropbox has been out for a while and Drive is still in its infancy. Give drive a few months and I'm sure we'll see a number of changes.
The way that I PERSONALLY use these services, Drive is all I need and I immediately removed Dropbox. But to say Dropbox is dead or Drive is Dead On Arrival is silly. Not surprising on the ridiculous internet, but silly nonetheless.
Drive won't appeal to those who share music (CISPA and all that jazz)
Haha and with that uninformed comment, im out.
Like +Charles Oisten said use each for what you need. The 50gb storage is definitely Box's advantage. Upolad cap does hinder it for larger files, but for smaller things its perfect. I still have all 3 and will continue to use them all. For me to go exclusive to only one it would have to match that 50gb free, have no upload cap, and intergrate into all other formats and 3rd party applications easily. If one combined the best features from all 3 it would be the one to rule them all.
>No Proxy Support
>No Linux Client
>No Special Features

I would like a answer to the question; why is it Google always introduces a half-bake product while other companies present a complete one?
Just got access to my Google Drive today, so far so good, not many special features as others pointed out, but, as with any other Google product, I believe they'll drastically improve it during the next few months!
Because you never hear about the other companies products until a "polished" version becomes popular.
+Rudy Batz Yeah, right google just had over 9000 years to actually get all the features the others already have for years (Proxy support f.e.). Even Google Music Uploader doesn't have proxy support and it's out for over half a year now I think!
When Google Drive comes with Android out of the gate on a new device, thats when it will win against dropbox.. When its fully integrated into Googles ecosystem (along with some bug fixes / refinement) - then dropbox will become nothing more than another app you don't have to install.. But not yet :)
I find Live Mesh to be a generally better style than DropBox since I can share any folder anywhere on my computer, but Mesh is so quirky and buggy too that I tend to use DropBox more even though DropBox lacks logging, rollback, multiple folder support, and modification accountability

Since GDrive fixes all but the multiple folder support, I expect it to quickly replace DropBox in my circle of friends.
There needs to be a lightweight android sdk. The current GData offering adds 1.3Mb to the size of an app and is so difficult to use. Drop box easily wins there. Well documented and real samples to learn with. I hope Drive improves but as it is basically the same as Docs has been for years, I doubt it will.
I'd say they could if they add more free space and improve the UI a little bit to be the best
+Daz Kuffs it's more than just Google Docs. You're not limited in the types of files you can store. You can store real MS Office docs instead of just cut down versions, you can store images, music, video, databases, data files, archives... literally anything.

It makes a reasonable cloud backup service for the average day to day user.
I don't think they can, Dropbox gave me 50GB storage free! Google can't even touch that... Plus I'd have to move everything over to drive and is already nice and organized where it's at... I checked out drive and was getting upload and download errors :/ they have a lot of work on there hands if they even think of getting into the same ballpark as Dropbox... Maybe if I see some better integration more free storage for us poor college students lol and less errors I might make the switch until then it's Dropbox all the way!
I haven't gotten my drive account. Ive been using docs for years and have been putting zip files of related items in my docs collections. This will just make that process easier. As the features improve it likely will replace dropbox.
+Steven Hoff give it time, my account that already had Google Docs took longer than my account that didn't. I'm guessing it's either random order, or there's some clunky conversion process going on.
+Daniel Bentley I had figured that it was a conversion process. I have years of docs from work and school. I loved being to work on a paper while at work and then if i thought of something I needed to change or add to it I could jump on a friends PC and I dont have to worry about if the have Office installed. When I get home, everything I did is there, and I can print my paper and give to my instructor. Now I just email from inside Google docs. One of the classes I am in right now I have to send my instructor files and my paper covering those files. I have been sharing my google doc and sharing the files with him through dropbox. Being able to have both in the same place is a big feature to me. Especially if it syncs the files straight from my machine so i know he has the latest copy whenever he goes to check it.
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