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Guess +Carbon for Android wasn't as ready to launch as they thought they were. It's been a month+ since planned release. Maybe with all these Twitter limitations lately, they lost the drive to release altogether? :S
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I don't remember them stating as release date.  Last I heard, it was just a it'll launch when it's ready.
Yeah I had high hopes but I think the big homie +Chris Lacy which brought us tweetlanes is going to be the top dog twitter android app, there are a few things missing for now but his app is pretty dope!!
Boid and Tweetlanes and Falcon makes up for Carbon being a no show.
+Corey Sims I have all three of those installed, including Twitter's app. Trying to decide which I like more. Boid is winning so far..
Yeah i have been wondering the same thing :(.
I feel like there's a limit to how much longer you can perfect it before it goes out into the world. I know that the Carbon team is (hopefully) working hard on it, but there needs to be a threshold for failure as much as success (as much as that sounds weird, or maybe I'm not saying it right :P). 
Its pathetic though. Kinda waste. They should probably pack up/shut down. Their services are no longer needed at this point in time.
So basically tweetifications sends you push notifications for whatever twitter app you're using?
As long as you set up the sms along with that Twitter account. It intercepts the text and makes it a push notification. It will also open your desired app.
Tested it a little bit and it did force close once but other than that it works fine.
Plume is my favorite twitter client..
I just use the default Twitter app + Falcon widget. Works wonders.
Tweet Lanes + Falcon = Perfect Combination!
I bet it's more fun and controversial starting a thread like this instead of a single e-mail to get info, right?

We're pretty much on it, we were ready to launch then, changes in design, a few bugs, and biz decisions got this a bit more delayed than intended. New Twitter design Requirements(not guidelins) messes up some of our design works. That's it for now. Y'all know where to find us and contact us, we don't tweet with status updates any more after the grand attacks and trolls that we received the day we announced our launch shift. We'll tweet, when it's on Google Play.
Tweetlanes/falcon widget/tweetification here... +Matt Hodson with tweetification be sure you have unlimited sms. FC aren't often and +Tony Owen is doing a awesome job at fixing them.
I really think twitter screwed this all up. If I'm forced to use the official app because my favorite ends up being too limited, I'll just abandon twitter all together.
+Carbon for Android nothing beats good old fashioned weekly update reports. Keep people up to date, who want to use your app, by not saying anything you are not really winning people's loyalty.

Still looking forward to see the app. 
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