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What do you call it? A coffee table pc? A platter PC?
I'd call it a nice desktop replacement for someone who primarily only does email and web browsing and desktop publishing (Quickoffice Pro HD)

Maybe even some games with a bluetooth controller since we're starting to see more desktop-like games appearing.

Would also make a useful kiosk for point of sale.
Don't think all the specs are out yet... no telling if it has a cellular radio yet. If it follows ViewSonic's other Android tablets, then you'll only be able to make calls via Skype. Of course, if it follows their other tablets, you'll be able to dual-boot Windows on it too, lol.
I wonder how you'd hold something like that.
It's designed more as a touch monitor style device, you'd probably only hold it like a portfolio occasionally, and probably never like a normal tablet.
If it could handle things more like a desktop computer (like mouse, keyboard, multitasking, resource hog apps, etc.) better than my old tablet, then it could be a great piece of technology.
Would make a great road trip entertainment system as long as it has expansion slots. Add a cup holder on each side and hang it over the front seats! I`m gonna need a bigger car though.
Really? Smart business tablet monitor? Errr...
+Daniel Bentley I did use a mouse all the time with my Acer A500 and it worked great... except it could only do what my finger can do. It needs like multi button mouse function I guess. And you shouldn't have to drag the cursor like your finger when scrolling and such.
Jay Gan
wow this tablet's even larger than my desktop monitor LOL....
I bet this is going to be pricey
I think this should have a VESA holes to optionally fix it, then it will be the perfect Kitchen or Office tablet :D
I've dealt with the Viewsonic G-Tablet. (Two, in fact.) I really can't recommend anyone purchase a Viewsonic Android. :/
Chris B
I have the 10e. Lots of potential for a cheap pad but no official Android OS = no official Play Store and ICS update been put back for ever. Shame as it's a great pad for app development.
I though a 17 inch laptop was hard to carry, I don't think there is a backpack big enough to fit a 22 inch tablet.
+James Holder The problem with such approach is the weight, Tablets has some parts that are unnecessary for such applications, and the big one is the battery, it takes too much space and gives more weight to the tablet make it harder to have a stable with a lot of touches... I think the perfect solution for our problem will be a modified version of a regular tablet, has much lower battery size ( enough just for 1 hour or less in case some body wanted to to move it for a while, and a special holder designed to be strong enough against touches and handling...

these applications needs extra protection layers over the screen to protect it from these harsh environment ( oils and smudges from Kitchens and Garages )
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