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First freebie of I/O 2013: free Chromebook Pixels for everyone attending!
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Extras may be shipped to Clinton Hammond... Windsor, Ontario, Canada...  Just sayin'    ;-)  
Weird, the applause is always the loudest when the freebie is presented ;-)
They paid enough to get in, it's worth it
GOD DAMN IT. I would stab a human being for one of those.
Holy crap! I imagine that got some applause from the crowd. :-P 
How's about freebies for the home attendees? ;P
Are you f*cking kidding me?! If I got one I'd sell it to buy a Galaxy S4 Google Edition, lol.
Allen A
Galaxy S4 GE, sounds nice but how often will updates roll out? #NotANexus
I'll take a Chromebook Pixel... And keep it!
guess it was worth waiting online for the tickets to open up, and clicking right away
+Allen S'quard they said S4 GE will update along side of Nexus Devices on any new version. 
sad.......and I want one!!!!!!! should have waited for the ticket!!
I am jealous. It is a beautiful machine, that people complain costs too much. So if it is free, you can imagine how many people will be happy to make this their primary laptop (even if you have to install full Linux desktop on it, or live with ChromeOS)
Of course it costs a lot. It's the cream of the crop and isn't intended for the average user.
Ian Ray
There is only one on ebay right now. The person is claiming it is pre-release...

The lowest price I have seen on ebay up until now was $770 with 1TB storage already redeemed.
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