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AT&T needs to go rot in hell. They ruined the best Android phone currently available.
AT&T & VZW need to be forced to abide by their network neutrality agreements under Auction 73.

Carriers should be dumb pipes. They should not regulate, specify, modify, or even sell devices, as they have demonstrated the inability to do so without inappropriately extending their spectrum oligopoly to other markets.
It's only American companies that do this...att and Verizon especially. Europe companies aren't this strict.
I don't get why the US carriers are such asses I want to kick them in the teeth
Haha its simple buy the international version. Dont see why anyone would use att in the first place.
Well, +Jacob Jacobs it's really not that easy. A lot of android users are android users because they do prefer to have choices. They want to be able to customize their phones, they want to tinker around.
It muss be very frustrating if you've got your eye on a particular phone, but the carrier of your choice has already messed around with the software. Here in Germany, there are hardly any phones with sim-lock being sold, because the public just will not except it. In America the carrier thing seems so messy and sometimes complicated (not to talk about expensive) this is killing innovation and phone users have to bail it out.
Question while on topic will the international version get the same hspa speeds on T-Mobile network I know the HTC one s gets 20mbs from the one you buy from T-Mobile will the international get the same 
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