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No other game but Dune surfaces nostalgic memories like those of Another World.
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OMG I LOVED THIS GAME! I so cannot wait to play it again. This & Flashback were two of my favorite PC games back-in-the-day. I'm so all about buying this on Android.
Crap, now there are 3 games that cause these kinds of feelings in me. Flashback!!
OMFG you're right, Dune! We want Dune for Android :Q___
While I remember Dune fondly, I only have vague memories of this one. I think my gaming youth was lost to iD.
Yes! Had this on my Amiga. Ahead of its time.
I never had any clue what was happening in this game, but the jacked thumb was a cool character.
Loved this game, even though (as with nearly all single players games) I never finished it.. probably never came close.
Slight problem with this: when I go to throw my controller, it's also my phone.
Oh man, I was thinking about this game about 4 days ago, this is the best news EVER!
David H
While some might not like it, I am all for recycling some of the good games from our childhoods... I should add however that some of our childhoods were further back than others.
This is the best news ever, i cant wait for it
This game kicked ass. I'll be picking it up for Android.
This will be good. I would really like to see Scorched Earth come to Android, I know I would waste many days on that one.
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