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As of last week, Wirefly still had their deal running. I ordered it on Wednesday and the phone should be here tomorrow. I also still got the $50 Google Wallet credit. Pretty sweet deal all around...from Wirefly or Amazon.

One negative - I called Wirefly to order rather than use their website because I was confused about the data plan. I am not getting a new line of service - I was upgrading a phone. But they still kept quoting a plan. The unfortunate consequence of calling them to order is that you get some phone agent from the Philippines trying to sell you an insurance plan, accessories, etc. I had to say "no" quite a bit on that call. I would guess that Amazon would be a better experience overall.
Rob P
wow.. tempting
I am looking forward to the phone - and Sprint LTE sometime later this year.
+Daniel Bobke It's only marginally related, but since you brought up Sprint's LTE coming out this summer...

I've been getting headhunters comingto me with job positions from several Sprint partners in my area are currently hiring various positions related to Sprint's new network. I did some research and it appears Sprint is pulling out four old systems used in all their cell towers and replacing them with a single modular, programmable system. An expensive, but very smart move since it will allow them to be future ready starting with their LTE launch and moving forward.

If you're interested in finding out about the system, check out Sprint Vision Network :)
Not worth getting locked into a contract for. Better to just save an extra $200 something and get the unlocked version.
+Tochi Notgunnatellya unfortunately the unlocked version only works on GSM networks. GSM doesn't work everywhere so some of us are forced to go the CDMA route.
GSM works in more places in the world than CDMA which is why most carriers use it.
Unfortunately those are your friends.... #imjustsaying .
What sass. I was responding....thought this was open forum.
+jeremy jaeger you totally missed my point... yes GSM is in more places around the world than CDMA but it doesnt mean GSM works everywhere. For example I live in PHX AZ and guess what, VZ works better here than T-Mobile. When I was on T-Mobile I was on 2G 99% of the time when I'm at work and home. Now that I've switched to VZ I'm always on 4G at work and home.
+robert steedman you are 100% wrong on that point. A Verizon gnex will ONLY work on Verizon. The SIM is for LTE access, and will not allow access to any other network. An AT&T LTE SIM will do nothing, as their signal runs on an entirely different band.
+robert steedman What he said ^^ and there is no such thing as a GSM nexus from verizon. Verizon is CDMA not GSM.
The Deal on Amazon works for existing Vzw customers also. Mine came up at $150 in the shopping cart. Now trying to decide to move forward with Nexus or wait for SGS3. But afraid with Qualcomm's chip ruling of the LTE, it won't show up as a quadcore in the US.
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