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Does the North America get ICS on HTC Sensation?
+Johnny T. Vu it hasn't rolled out via an update through your carrier but it available in ROM. I have ICS on my Sensation I just rooted mine first and flashed an ICS ROM onto it. If you're fairly computer savvy you can do this as well.
+Gabe Escobar You've installed the ROM for the T-Mobile Sensation 4G? If so, care to share a link? I've seen ICS ROMs for the other versions of the Sensation, but not for the Sensation 4G. Thanks!
Kinda strange that HTC can get ICS with sense pushed to a phone before my Nexus S 4g even gets a glimpse of ICS. It doesn't matter whose fault it is, either way it is bad publicity for the nexus line. First Samsung down specs the Nexus S and then the Galaxy Nexus so they don't hurt the sales of the Galaxy S 2 but then they leave us nexus owners high and dry. There are Galaxy S 2's getting ICS this month as well. All I can say is this will be the Last Nexus I buy as well as the last Samsung phone I buy.
android android android!, RAZR MAXX STILL NO ICS MY DUDE!
Hey thanks for adding the link +Marc Young , phones been dead and i just got all my updates now. Yes i have ICS on the sensation 4G.
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