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WTF app of... EVER? Google removed it though, bummer: Warning: kind of nsfw, but sent me rolling on the floor.
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LOL! Someone should mirror the app for others.
how does that app get removed, but illegal file sharing apps are no issue?
+robert arias You mean BitTorrent and uTorrent? Because torrents themselves are not illegal. Using them to distribute copy written files is, however.

Also, this app is stupid as hell and shouldn't be on any market or app store anyway. :P
+Brian Pinard Oh, well yeah that can go too. It should be removed for Air Push alone...ugh.
Guys, guys, guys, you're getting way distracted here. Back to meat spinning, k?
hahahahaha WHAT... THE... F*CK!!!???
Anyone happen to find an apk yet?
Lol what in the world haha
awesome, how's it "hanging?" :P
I think i was one of the first person to see this app and i almost flagged it but i couldn't stop laughing
That sucks they pulled it, I would totally Install this on people's phones when they weren't looking lol
Why does everyone want the APK? XD
Hahahaha, that is freaking awesome!
LMAO, thats f-in hilarious. Wouldnt want it on my phone though, people would talk... #nohomo
It's a shame that it got "jerked off" the market. It's a funny app. Tasteless, but funny.
I was just thinking that a 'helicopter' app would be awesome the other day.
Could you imagine playing this while say, sitting in a theater waiting for Happy Feet two to start. Bwa Hahahaha hahahahahahaha!
I've been looking for the apk.. with no luck.. it will rise up soon though.
Great, now I'm going to have "You spin me right round" stuck in my head all day.
+Jamison England The developer coments on the youtubepage of that Video. The original APK from the marked had a copyprotection. He is gona remove it now and then releas it to the internet. But might take some days.
That noted, funny looking game, wonder how long before youtube removes that video for being inappropriate :-\
even though the uncensored version got pulled, I'm shocked the censored "trouser snake" version also got pulled too, what's this world coming to when you can't even spin a trouser snake
Maybe the dev should try making a version for the iPhone. Cant believe google tugged this off... Of the market.
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