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Those of you outside the U.S. who sideloaded v4.0.X of the Play Store APK, could you please check to see if your promo/featured areas are showing apps now?

Don't forget to note down your country, and screenshots are always appreciated.
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Vai RostampourYesterday 11:49 PM
i installed this apk on my s3 i9300 .. upon opening, the content section is empty, all i get is the (apps, games, movies, music, books, magazines) what can i do? also now that i have installed this apk will the ota update for the playstore replace this when it comes?

UK. Everything else about the store seems to be working. Just the welcome/home page when you open the app has nothing on it just the top tabs for music. Apps. Ect. 
which tab would the promo/featured areas in?
From india
No apps showing in featured areas.. :-( 
In Australia running 4.0.25 - cleared cache and force closed, then restarted. Still no featured. 
I reverted to the older version after nothing was showing up in the featured area. I guess they are rolling out for each country. 
Still nothing there here in the UK.

Actually the Play Store 4 APK causes my Note 2 (H3G) to regularly crash - the only time I've ever seen my Note 2 crash since buying it in October.
Didn't install the APK, waiting for official push from Google, but still no update yet.

Ayan C.
India: No. Also 4.0.x it keeps running with in the background even when idle with 75% CPU usage so had to revert to 3.10.14. I mean I know Play Store service is loaded in background but it usually runs with minimal RAM and 0 CPU usage. This is really weird.
APK working fine on Nexus 4 in the UK, but no front page promo just the categories. I guess not quite right yet.
Just Categories in the front page, tested on a Nexus 7 in Italy.
I too had only the categories on the play store app frontpage. The rest was whitespace. What was worse though was that my phone was not shown anymore in the webbased play store. So I could not send apps to the phone any longer.

I had to uninstall all updates - after sideloading - because of that. Now I'm stuck with 3.10.14 again. Thought it was me only. Thanks for pointing out otherwise +Android Police. I'm from Germany btw. 
People with nexus phones or tablets now are able to by apps, movies, magazines etc from google play in Serbia, after they sideloaded new apk...Other phones, and older apks nothing yet..
Categories and recommendations in Brazil. I will put a screenshot during the day. Nexus 4 with play store sideloaded. 4.0.25. I post a photo
Music and books home tabs just arrived in Germany with 4.0.25. The categories page, apps home tab and movies home tab is still empty 
Those of you who said yes, are you running 4.0.26 or 4.0.25?
I don't even know 4.0.26 is out LOL
It was really messed, but now everything is fine - Brazil
4.0.25 - Mako
No from India. 4.0.25

Update: installed 4.0.26, cleared data. Still nothing.
Matt S
Not here in UK for me... Nexus 4
For me it wasn't the other day, I just reset the app to factory settings and then it updated its self the next time I opened it and all was good 
So many people here reporting it works it's so funny cause you're taking screenshots of the apps page, not the homepage which is what they are asking for... damn it listen people
Hm, the Categories page is still empty for me (in Germany). Was hoping the latest update would fix it, hopefully Google will start populating that view soon.
Not that I spend much time in it - 99% of the time I'm going directly to "My Apps" and I wish there was a shortcut icon on the phone interface like there is on phablets/tablets - but the current display looks so forlorn and unfinished...

Edit: just installed the .26 apk on the N7 and the Categories screen is still unpopulated but also glitches in a really weird way when I swipe on it from right to left. The categories seem to rapidly oscillate between the upper left (where they are normally situated) and the upper right. Odd.
Finland, Play 4.0 everything working. Finland does not have Play music and movies.
Very nice! Here from Canada on Bell Mobility on Galaxy S3, working A1 on LiquidSmooth custom ROM and categories and highlights show up!
Myanmar, no featured or promo. Just suggestions. 
Promo are lived in France
I've updated manually to 4.0.26
Hi there, UK here. Content on the front page showing. I installed the apk. Currently running 4.0.25.
Yep, just checked as well. Looks good now. :)

BTW is the gap between Movies and Books twice as big as the one between Apps and Movies (or Games and Music) for you guys as well? Looks a bit odd.
Could be, but why wouldn't they make sure the layout is consistent even with missing categories? Like I said, this is a tiny nitpick but it looks less polished than it should be at this point.
.25 here in Costa Rica. I am getting the recommended apps. The thing is I can't confirm if its a Country wide deal because my Play Store somehow loads as the US...
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