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+Francis Mortanian how was it a "dick review"? Kyrocero is trying to bill it as top of the line model with their comments about making sliders and candy bars available at the top line, but then they pack the phone with 2yr out of date tech... they're free-level phones, not even mid-level anymore.
+Francis Mortanian If you want a keyboard phone, the og Epic will be cheaper, and doesn't have a beyond terrible screen
Something like the rise with a bit more up-to-date hardware would be a strong candidate for my next phone. The Galaxy 2 is a amazing device, but I really miss the QWERTY from my G1.
+Daniel Bentley the drift I got was these are for people who don't necessarily want a top of the line model.

Besides that, the reviewer is being a dick throughout the review.

I'm not arguing that there aren't 'better' phones, or cheaper ones. That doesn't make these two the worst phones ever made, they look alright.

A company who releases a press release saying "Yeah it's pretty alright, the waterproof thing is sweet, but it's sorta obsolete already." is a pretty bad company.
Woah, I just read the review, and I gotta say it was rather... dicky, if not even somewhat... douchey in some parts.

Regardless what the press release says - and c'mon, it's a freaking press release written by marketing people so you know it's gonna exaggerate - the phones don't deserve such a negative reaction if you haven't even seen (at the time of writing) the price points they're aiming for.

Don't forget, Kyocera makes such phones so the Samsungs and HTCs of the world can concentrate on releasing the heavy hitters.

Not cool, +Android Police :-(
Does anyone have a link to the review of these devices you guys are talking about? I can't find it in the article. Though I agree, this jackass is being a huge jerk to Kyocera. This company has done so much to push smartphone design forward and they deserve our respect.

Not cool, Eric. Not cool at all.
Haha you got me there! :-D

But I still think it's not cool, so overall... :-[
I agree with the sentiments in the review, he came off as an arse.
+Alan Xenos There was no review and won't be until they release it. This is a reaction to the release of these devices.

I just checked them out on the CTIA floor and will post a hands-on shortly. They're not too bad, but not that great either, even for a budget devices (the camera takes the worst photos I've ever seen, for instance).
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