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Look at the Google search widget from the I/O 2012 app - is Google teasing Android 4.1 right in front of us?
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A white and grey visual theme? Niiiice.
Derp: missed the search bar. It seems like they're keeping with the visual 2D - 3D optical illusion used with the new play properties.
I hope not, because I like the 4.0  search bar better (transparent except for the lines). Not to say this is bad, though.
More like 25.1 :O Seriously, what the hell is wrong with this clock?! 25:10?!
Doctor Who must have to do something about this.
Built-in theme support would be cool. ;)
Where is this picture coming from? The background looks pretty much like +The Verge 
The Google Voice, Google Talk, and Phone app icons are all in a folder. Please let this be a sign that they're going to converge!
Oh yes, please! Speed-dialer with a function for quick chatting an full featured Google voice support. Looks like a small thing, but it can make a huge impact on productivity
Yea I don't understand where the screen shot came from is it in the app somewhere ?????
I'm going to assume the clock is in reverse - for example, 25 past 10 = 10:25
It's going to be so awesome, it's gonna have it's own hour
The picture is from Google Play... come on people...
+Ray Wells its backwards that's the time there Hanna announce it 10:25 in room 4 omg can't wait
Also, could the chrome icon in the bottom draw be a sign that it will become the official in built android browser from now on? They did say it was nearly ready for a full release...
+William Bennett don't think so. I've seen several ads for some carrier branded phone in Paris' subway which showed the Chrome icon. Would be cool tho.
Go to the Chrome beta and open a new tab. Clear the address bar so it's empty (it'll show "search or type URL") and tap on it so the cursor comes up. Look at the microphone icon for speech to text at top right corner. Same one as in the I/O app picture exactly.

I've seen it a thousand times and thought nothing of it until I saw this post.
+Cassidy James and integration with « google+ chat » that is great but one more app with the same purpose than others.
Google Talk + Google Hangout + Google+ Chat (+Google voice + SMS + Phone) = ???
emmmm ... check the time pls... ;)
Maybe it's referring to 25/10, as October 25th, that's the period when usually Google spoils a new Nexus
Since we all know that 25:10 is not possible (photoshoped?), I think there are a lot of hidden messages in the picture. Lets collect:

- Unified messaging (dialer + gvoice + gtalk + ?)
- Chrome as standard browser
- New theme (grey instead of Holos black/blue)
- 25:10 can be seen as a date, likely Android 4.1/5.0 launch
- contacts and camera in the tab bar, what about them?
- the dots on the widget are sideways, not vertical. Have we seen this somewhere else?
This looks far more similar to the original halo concept too...
I don't have an H for the phone signal on my ICS Nexus, I have a 3G icon, even when I'm on HSDPA. maybe that's a change too?
Yeah not having messages in the dock suggests something has happened to it maybe?
On 25/10, the ICS SDK was on October 19th (19/10) so it's in the same time frame for a potential 4.1/5.0 release date, although I doubt they would have decided this by now. It may not be directly android related just btw...
+William Bennett Yeah, it might just be a joke on the work hours that this dev is doing.
The search widget is definitely new but I think it is all there is to see in this picture.
but we are all craving for Android news, we simply want it to be Android related ;-)
This picture is from the Google I/O app in the Play Store
They need to release Google Voice to the rest of the World including Australia before integration with the phone app.
Why? I have internet-call settings in the dialers options. I don't use it, but its there. And it is not distracting me in any way. In a different, but similar way, GVoice could be integrated.
But hell yeah, bring GVoice to Europe and the rest of the world!
If I have to dismiss a pop up with GVoice option on it (I get pop up each time I use phone as I have Internet call option enabled) then it would remind me and in turn annoy me even more about the lack of GVoice in Australia. At least currently I don't have app installed to remind me.

One of the most annoying things about Google is how slowly some of the apps and features take to be released overseas. Music has been out in the States for years, yet Australia is still missing out. I know regulations and governments do stand in the way of some of the releases.
Google are definitely hurting themselves bignored time by launching unfinished products in the US only. They need to start fully developing their products and releasing them globally.
+Darko Bogdanovic, AFAIK GMusic was release in November 2011, a bit more then half a year ago. Things need time, as you mentioned. I'm living in Germany/India. In so many services are not available in both countries as well or rolled out very late. There is still no map maker for Germany even thou it was released for Austria/Switzerland in the last days
I think Australia is on par with Germany in terms of Google features as Map Maker is yet to come to Australia but there were reports that it will be released in the coming weeks. As a geek who wants to test the latest and greatest I must admit I get jealous of our States friends who get things months or even years before anyone else.
+Darko Bogdanovic We certainly are fortunate to live in the land of Google. However, I for one, get jealous of our Asian friends who tend to get the latest and greatest hardware well before we do.
Here in Russia it is even worse. My Galaxy Nexus i9250 smartphone still has Android ver.4.0.2 - almost one year since I got it from the market here... and nothing new in view...
Hey +Ben Medvedev, I had the same problem with a Galaxy Nexus in India. You have two options what you can try/do:

- Go to Settings --> Apps Settings --> All Apps and delete the cache from the Google Services Framework (your update screen will say 'last updated 1/1/1970', don't worry)

- Flash the latest ROM via ODIN, you will find a good explanation here:

N.B.: I could make it work only after I flashed it manually AND made a factory reset. Before, I had a boot-loop. Now, everything is better and smoother than ever before. If you face the same problem and don't know how to enter the recovery mode, just google it or let me know, I'll send you a good link
+Ben Medvedev .. I suggest you root your device & install cm9 based on android 4.0.4 !!
Definitely! CM9 >> Stock ROM
And the best thing is, it is already rooted if you install cm9
Perhaps Jelly Bean is being released on 10/25/12? :P
As much as I love advances in technology, Google needs delay Jelly Bean until majority of handsets run ICS. ICS is currently only on 7% of handsets.
+Darko Bogdanovic By the end of the summer, with superphones like the HTC One X and the Samsung GSIII I'm sure that number will drastically increase.
Google doesn't have to delay anything... The others need to keep up, if you can't keep up, stop skinning the damn thing so heavily or separate the skin from the core so that the core can be updated without the skinning... 
Oh, and no, I don't think they'll release Jelly Bean until later this year, around the same time they released ICS last year... We might get previews and hints though, but that's about it...
What about the next Nexus phone? Plenty of sources confirming the tablet release but what about the next Nexus phone. Nexus S came out in November 2010 and Galaxy Nexus in December 2011.
+Scott Oldfield I don't think we'll see JellyBean released with the Nexus Tablet... I actually think the Nexus Tablet will be running ICS... 

ICS just dropped in December, Google is fast but I don't think they'll push another update in 6 months... Also, despite many rumors I don't think Google will be doing a "tablet only" release a la Honeycomb... I think Honeycomb was a one off deal that was released with many compromises...
+Scott Oldfield I also think you're right on the phone front as well... I got my Atrix in February of last year, that phone got Gingerbread around June or July of last year... Seems that the timing this year, despite all the shouting and complaining is lining up just about right...
Days of tablet only OS are gone. Gap was bridged with ICS so make no sense to separate them again. From ICS onwards there shall be a single OS that covers both phones and tablets.
I think what we'll see is ICS on a tablet and a huge push for developers to adjust their apps to include a tablet friendly interface using fragments...

People think the tablet war has been won by the iPad... The tablet war hasn't even started... it starts this summer with the release of the Galaxy Note 10.1, Nexus tablet and a gang of others preloaded with ICS... 
Agree, Nexus tablet sounds like an ideal time to set foundations and get those apps tab friendly.

Also, love it hate it but Microsoft Surface is sure to be hit especially if it is capable of running full x86 desktop version.
+Darko Bogdanovic Remember that only the "Pro" version is capable of running full x86 desktop apps... The RT version will be crippled, and that Microsoft has announced that they will only be selling it through their Microsoft stores (about 20 in existence with 5 more on the way in the US) and their online store... That may make it a non starter...
+James Pakele Thinking about it a little more (and reviewing some release dates) a JB release this summer could actually make sense. The time between GB and ICS was actually longer than typical. (It was about 10 mos, plus Honeycomb was introduced in between). Given the fact that JB will more than likely be an incremental update, 6-7 months is actually about right. Eclair to Froyo was 7 mos. Froyo to GB was less than 7 mos. Going a whole year update from ICS to JB seems a little long based on history. But it's always fun to speculate, isn't is? :D 
And Google said they will switch to a yearly release cycle
I don't see Google releasing a new version of android so soon with 70% STILL STUCK IN GINGERBREAD LAND !!
+Rajat Jain , it's not Google's fault OEMs are more concerned with branding and would rather make you buy $newPhone than provide you with updates to an existing one.
Can't wait for the next version OS. I just hope they push these updates quick this time.
+William Bennett they don't have control over global releases and this discussion keeps coming up and its getting annoying.
+Gener Eric Cruz  You want fast updates then get a Nexus device. Otherwise the wait is around 6mo give or take a few... the talk about fast updates comes up every time there is a new version but the fact is that if you want fast updates then buy a Nexus phone. I have the Galaxy Nexus and I love it.
+Darko Bogdanovic that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Progression shouldn't stop also 4.1 will be nothing more than enhancements not an overhaul so building upon 4.0 is all hence 4.X.

The overall goal is to get everyone on 4.0 which is where all the new API are and when phone & tablets source is one in the same. The number will change overnight as soon as the updates start going out which is standard for Android and many keep forgetting that 4.0 is a major update so it will take time.
A fanboy I know just tweeted - "Google copies Apple by making a Google I/O app just like Apple made a WWDC app"
+Swapnil Chitnis Well, did Google copy them last year too?  Because last year's Google I/O also had an app...
+Swapnil Chitnis Besides, who did what first is an old tired argument already... I don't care who did what first, what is the state of things now? That's what's important... ;-)
Copying and a feature set that's should be in an OS is different and the problem is everyone has an opinion that's mostly incorrect.
+James Pakele That's what I'm talking about. All these "Android copied Apple" things aren't acceptable. Today Android is advancing and Apple is busy in lawsuits. And that's what matters.

So, if Motorola invented GSM, should it be that others aren't allowed to make mobile phones?
The 25:10 could be a reference to Majel. In Star Trek Deep Space 9, there were 26 hours in a day...
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